Day 0. Roadtrip!

Monday, February 21st

Well, I did it. I made the move. I’m writing this inside a home in West Hollywood, CA. I had hoped to post on each night of my journey, but I was staying in crappy motels that did not allow me the opportunity. 

Right now, I feel like a much braver version of myself made this decision. I pulled into the lights and traffic of LA and thought, “Oh my God, what am I doing?” It was the same feeling I had when I pulled away from the driveway watching Michelle wave goodbye. The reality of the move is hitting me in stages.

There are a couple of different ways to look at this move. I am now an unemployed guy living in a room in someone else’s house who has no real leads. Or, I am a guy who was willing to risk it and go for his dreams. At various points I feel either both, or one or the other very strongly. That was certainly true on my three day journey out here.

I left at 4:00 on Saturday, hours later than I intended because Michelle is hard to say goodbye to. I was definitely crying pretty hard, harder than Michelle, actually. After driving five blocks I turned around and drove back for another goodbye. I was picturing a romantic running to each other moment. Instead, I walked into the house calling for Michelle, only to hear, “I’m going to the bathroom!” Romance.

Night one I stayed in Armarillo, TX. Day one of driving was definitely a leaving from a place, and not a going to another place sort of day.

Day two started out in the warm and windy area of West Texas with a tumbleweed crossing in front of my car and ended with a snowstorm in the mountains surrounding Flagstaff, AZ. On day two, I’m in full road trip mode. I love roadtrips, especially along Route 66. There were so many great things to see. I was listening to podcasts, music, taking pictures, making up voices and characters, like everyone does. I went to old town Albequerque. Did you know there was a civil war battle there? It’s true. In fact, the Confederate general hid the cannons underground until 27 years later when he helped dig them up. That night I hung out in downtown Flagstaff. Flagstaff seemed very cool.

Day three had me going to the Grand Canyon. Awe-inspiring. I could have stayed for hours, even days. It looks like an inverse mountain range. I was hoping for a poignant, existential moment, but I just got some cool pictures. The drive was fairly easy today, I even stopped by the Roadkill Cafe and had a buffalo burger.

I love driving and thinking, and three days of it was perfect, especially after all the craziness of the last couple of weeks.

As I said, when I arrived in the suburbs of LA I fully realized for the first time that I was dropping myself in a foreign land, into a foreign industry, with mostly people foreign to me. Tonight, I’m missing my wife and thinking of her home alone. This is going to be tougher than I had envisioned, but great things usually come from tough situations. Right? Right?



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2 responses to “Day 0. Roadtrip!

  1. Amanda

    Oooo I’m liking the new blog!

  2. Flagstaff is wonderful! Definitely worth a stay when you have more time to spend and enjoy it. 😀

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