Day 1: Jeff Open Door

February 23, 2010

When I was growing I played sports. I can remember that for the first practice of each year, or anytime I was on a new team I would absolutely dread it. The drive up to the practice was torturous for me. I would always wonder why I even wanted to play. In the end I was always glad I did it though, even though my 1990 Red Sox only won 3 games. That is how today felt. I’ve shown up to baseball practice on the first day and I’m the one wearing jeans.

My friend, Ross, and I went to Canter’s for lunch. It is a classic, old fashioned diner specializing in pastrami sandwiches. It was good, and they gave pickles to chew on like a Mexican restaurant gives chips and salsa. I think everything is just going to be more expensive here. As a result, my thin build will get even thinner.

We did walk by a store with a sign out front, which may have been there only for me. Or, maybe the store was just named Jeff. I’m going with the former.

After that, Ross took me driving around L.A. I love the diversity. All white is boring, and this is not that. I talked to Michelle, and she seemed to be doing better, plus her sister, Jenn, is in town to keep her company. Hurray for twin sisters.

Tomorrow I am going to Santa Monica. I will hang out on the beach and then meet a producer connection. Plus, my original L.A. connection from my first flight out here in October has set up something fun for me on Saturday.

There is just so much up in the air right now. I’ve never had so many things floating up there undecided. It turns out I had liked the comfort and security. I had gotten used to it. But, anxiety is nothing more than assuming that things aren’t going to work out. I choose to assume that things will work out. Might as well, they’re going to be up in the air anyway. Besides, I’m opening this door.



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2 responses to “Day 1: Jeff Open Door

  1. Michelle

    We are on an adventure, my dear.

  2. Matty Ice

    Hooray! You write purdy.

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