Day 2. I’ll Make My Bed

February  23, 2011

I’m getting up in the mornings and making the bed. You can ask my wife, this is a good thing. It is a skill I have developed the last few years to please her. I’m doing it now so that I feel that I’m getting up and getting on with my day since most days are open ended and could result in me being especially slothful.

Today I went for a run, sort of. When I run in new places I usually end up exploring and becoming fascinated/distracted by something. I had a dinner meeting with a connection from Springfield in Santa Monica, so I went early and hung out at the beach and in a coffee shop. One of my first big city moments was when I saw that each parking spot in the parking garage had a camera on it. Cool. 

Dinner was cool, I got to hang out with a couple of nice guys. The Springfield connection is a producer, mostly of documentaries. I love documentaries, but tried to play it cool. The other has a wife who designs chic wallpaper and he is a wine expert. I love talking to people who do unique things, so I was in my element. It is yet to be determined if I was dorky or not. I think I probably was.

Today I had my fair share of “What am I doing here?” moments, but I’m trying to embrace the wide open opportunities. I’ll start by making my bed.



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2 responses to “Day 2. I’ll Make My Bed

  1. Michelle

    Proud of you for keeping the tradition alive

  2. Sounds like a fun day. 🙂

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