Day 4. Always Finding A Way

February 25, 2011

Today, there is hope. Tonight, I saw Harland Williams at The Improv, one of LA’s standup clubs. As I was watching the opening acts, I realized, “I can do this. These guys aren’t way above me.” This is not in an egotistical way, just in an excited way. 

I also met with a health insurance agent, we’ll see how that turns out. That is water I don’t like swimming in. The office is in Beverly Hills and it took forever to get there because it’s raining and people here freak out when it’s raining. I haven’t figured out the whole parking thing yet and I ended up pulling into a garage that cost $2 for every fifteen minutes. Yep, that’s the same as putting in 32 quarters in a meter to pay for an hour. When I was leaving there was a guy who worked there standing by the automated machine who put my card in for me. I think that was his only job, just so he could get a tip. He did not get one from the boy from Iowa.

I met with a guy who spends time in Springfield who works as a manager this morning. He’s got some more contacts for me. I put them in my growing spreadsheet. I feel like a reporter who is chasing down a story that involves getting down to the right person who is really in the know. Eventually, I will find them, and they will find me.

Michelle is still having a tough time, as she should, but she’s a trooper. Here is a poem I wrote her for Christmas. It is more meant to be performed, but you get the idea. I performed at my last So There I Was…Storytelling show.


The space between the you and the me is dying

And I don’t want to save it

Our hands, pressed tight, together, bold and thriving

And I can’t help but crave it

You whisper, ‘Go and pursue,

And yearn, and be true.’

Heart screamin’, ‘Stay and be here

And hold to me near.’

But, our dreams were never our own

You were once one too

400 miles of basements alone

Brought me to you

And you are more than I could ask for

And more than you should be

Yet, somehow, someway

You’re still here with me

And one day, we’ll be old

Our pursuits put to rest

And we’ll lay in our bed

And be still chest to chest

The source of my warmth,

As you are now today

Who we are…

Who we’ll be…

Always finding a way



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4 responses to “Day 4. Always Finding A Way

  1. SJ

    First of all, I love that you posted the poem. It was so awesome at STIW, and I’m glad I can read it now.
    Second, contacting Lyle today about March! : )
    Third, and main reason for posting, I get what you’re saying with the “I could do that” feelings. I’ve thought that while reading books sometimes–usually young, hipster nonfiction writers, like I aspire to be–and it’s a nice feeling. Not ego-y, just right. Correct.
    Anyway, we all miss you! xo sj

  2. Nice Jeff. Gotta say on Michelle’s behalf, you my friend are a keeper whether you get famous or not 🙂 Hang in there. Break a leg. (Not really of course, only metaphorically speaking… that is still a cool saying in LA right?) 🙂

  3. Nice – thought I posted, but forgot to hit “publish”. Anyway – I’m glad you got a confidence boost at the improv show. You CAN do it – probably even better! 🙂

  4. Marthy

    It just reinforces how fortunate Springfield is to have The Skinny!

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