Day 5. The Guy Who Knew Things

Saturday, February 26, 2010

Most of my life is on the computer right now, e-mailing and Facebooking contacts, updating resumes, etc. I’m constantly seeking out new people and new information. I feel like a newborn, minus the spitting up, keeping the inability to lift my own head. So, today I was on the computer for awhile and then watched the Missouri State Bears win the MVC championship on ESPN3. Go Bears.

Ross called and we went on a hike to Griffith Park, which is near the Hollywood sign and has a big observatory. It offers a great view of the city. We grabbed some fish tacos on the way back. Then I rode my bike down to The Grove, which is a big outdoor shopping area. Greyson Chance was there signing autographs on posters. There were lines of tweens very excited. I asked a security guard who they were lined up for and he said, “Someone…someone who is very popular with the younger generation.” So I got in line.

I finished up some more hours of online traffic school and called it a night. Well, by ‘called it a night’ I mean that I diddle-daddled on the computer until I fell asleep. I’m not always great about getting to bed without Michelle around. I miss her yelling from the bedroom, ‘Jeff, are you coming to bed?’ followed by, ‘Jeff, you should come to bed,’ then ‘Jeff you’re an adult now.’ To which I would reply, ‘But I don’t wanna!’

There is an interesting reversal for me that I’m sure will become more true later. In my life in Springfield I was the guy who knew what I was doing. I had been doing the things in my life for long enough that I was always the one who knew what was going on and was confident in those things. Now, I’m the guy who knows nothing about Los Angeles or the entertainment industry. I don’t mind being in this place, I think it’s healthy. But, I had a friend call last night asking for advice on hosting an event and I joyfully remembered that I used to be the guy who knew things.



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3 responses to “Day 5. The Guy Who Knew Things

  1. Awesome photos! And you still know things – you just need people there to realize that.

  2. Michelle

    you had me at “fish tacos”

  3. Scott Kirchner

    You might not feel like you do not know anything in LA but just follow your instincts, because they are what make you great! Also just so you know, you know a lot, just no one out there has figured it out yet, and they will figure it out soon!! Just finished watching some Mystery Hour vids and am always reminded why I am doing improv and aspire to be you! Hang in brother they will find you and wonder where you have been their whole life!!

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