Day 8. A Nice ‘Community’

March 1, 2011

I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the generosity of people with their time in helping me out when I’ve been out here. Friends of friends and friends of acquaintances and acquaintances of acquaintances have been willing to sit down and talk to me and share advice. I think it’s because everybody who has succeeded out here was once in my shoes. It is a pretty neat deal.

Today, I had two examples of that.

I had lunch at Fuddrucker’s today. Yep, they have those here too. I ate with a guy named Ryan and a couple of his friends. Ryan is a friend of a fan of The Skinny Improv/Mystery Hour, so our connection is fairly small. Ryan is an improviser and actor and has been doing it for awhile now. He and his two friends were the kindest guys. Oh, and my lunch was paid for, crazy-kind for a guy with a small connection to me.

I have this whole long story about a woman I met on the plane when I first came out here in October to visit. Anyway, she works for the show, Community. She’s a great lady who has seen me do improv now and is just super helpful. Today, I went to the Paramount lot and got to see some of the show being filmed and got to talk to the actors in a crowded hallway right before they were getting ready to shoot. I played it off like I was cool, I hardly talked about local Springfield history at all.  One of them even recognized me from when I visited in October. I walked around the set, through the study room and cafeteria. There are just so many people involved in pulling off shows. Here is a blurry picture of me in the study room. The sound stage was also where they filmed Citizen Kane back in the day. A few steps down was a legit looking New York City block. They filmed the Godfather there and a number of other movies. 

The coolest thing may have been that my friend took me in and we talked to the casting directors for like a half hour. I played it off like I was cool, I didn’t talk about my love for foreign nationals at all. Casting directors determine who gets cast in shows, so they’re kind of a big deal. They said to send them my headshot. I said, “Oh my God.”

Also, Glee shoots on the same lot, so I saw some of the cast walking around with lunch. I requested a mashup of some kind to no avail. I feel very fortunate to have such nice people helping me out, it is definitely a highlight of my time so far.

Then I came home and had dinner with my landlords/roommates/childhood soccer coach/friend’s parents. More kindness.

Just playing it off like I’m cool.



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3 responses to “Day 8. A Nice ‘Community’

  1. Shannon

    You’re sooooo cool! Sounds like an amazing day. 🙂

    • Leora Houghton

      But wait, you’ve been telling me that you are cool and now you tell me you’re just playing like you’re cool!?!

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