Day 10. A Starbucks Day

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Have you seen my other funny blog? The Mystery Hour. Go to there.

Today, I spent a large chunk of time in a Starbucks. I just silently sat working on things. There was only a homeless guy there who lasted longer than me. He was ripping sheets of paper and putting them in between the sheets of his book. I was researching open mic nights and not eating food. It’s true, I have not been eating that well, and it is also true that food is what gives you energy. 

You know what else is true? There are a ton of young good looking people in Los Angeles, and specifically at the Starbucks I go to. I was giggling to myself as each time someone new walked in the door they were better looking than the last person. By the end, there was just a brilliant shining orb entering the room.

I can very easily get stuck in research mode when I have something big to do. I think it comes from a fear of going in one direction and having it be the wrong one. Sometimes, though I just need to say, ‘screw it’ and move forward. I know all I need to know about open mic nights, now I just need to do it. It is an odd thing, however, to just be on my own doing it. I tend to overtalk things out with people, mostly Michelle, and it is strange to not have someone to do that with face to face. It makes it seem a little less real.

That is an interesting thought. Who we are and what we do becomes more real when there are people there reflecting those things back to us. That’s why we only allow those things to be shown to people we trust. Those we trust we give bigger mirrors to.

Tomorrow I’m heading back to the Paramount Lot to drop off my headshot to the casting directors I had met the other day. Very exciting. I will give them a small mirror for now.



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2 responses to “Day 10. A Starbucks Day

  1. “Who we are and what we do becomes more real when there are people there reflecting those things back to us.”

    Wow…this is one of the most profound statements I’ve read in a long time. And I’m not being sarcastic, either. There’s a lot of truth in that because you just don’t last long in a vacuum.

  2. Marthy

    Nice to catch up with your posts tonight. You have a good eye for pictures. Stop writing about food and go eat some. You sound like my retired friends who travel – all they blog about is what they had for dinner. Don’t you know that Univ of IA did a study that kids who eat bkfst do better in school?!?! We miss you!

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