Day 9. Painting and Stories

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Michelle has painted our spare bedroom. I won’t let her show me until the room is completed. I just want to see the finished product. She just had the idea when I was getting ready to leave, and a week and a half later she’s nearly done. That’s my wife. I try to do 14 projects at once and get 14% of each project completed. I miss her. 

Today, I went to lunch at a Mexican place named Ernie’s. I had lunch with a friend of a friend named Dana. She is a Springfield native that has been out here for a number of years and has had great success in the improv world. Another really kind person who took time to talk to me (and buy my lunch). She said one thing that stuck with me. It was a quote someone had told her. Success is having two of these three things, Perseverence, Talent, and Luck. That seems totally true. Up to this point I had always thought it was Perspiration, Talons, and Lunch. I will have to shift my paradigm. Actually, I really like the quote a lot.

From there came back and took a nap that the neighbor’s dog didn’t like so he kept dog yelling. I have been so tired most of my time here. I don’t feel like I’m doing a lot, but I’m just tired. I think I am staying fairly busy along with being mentally busy all the time. I woke up and started looking around at standup open mic opportunities. I discovered that it is going to take another spreadsheet, so I put it off for another night.

Instead, I went to a Moth StorySLAM with Ross. I’ve been listening to the Moth podcast for years, created a show based off of it, and finally got to see one. It was exciting for me. It was in a packed, dark place and a SLAM is kind of an open mic sort of setting where 10 people each told 5 minute stories. People loved it. People love stories…love ’em…can’t get enough. I think I’m making a good story in my life right now.

I feel like I’m painting my spare bedroom in my life. Pursing acting has always been a part of my house and I’ve spent some time in there tweaking things here and there, but now I moved all the furniture out and bought some paint. I just need to now be like Michelle and start in on it.


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One response to “Day 9. Painting and Stories

  1. Nichole Lemmon

    I gave Michelle a gallon of paint when she was here Sunday. 🙂 Glad to see she’s already used it.

    Oh, and I miss you…

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