Day 13. My Dad

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Back in Springfield I used to get recognized a few times a week by people who had been to the Skinny Improv. Usually, they would say, “You look familiar,” and I would say, “I’m your cousin.” I would not expect that sort of thing to happen once out here. But, this morning I went to a church on Hollywood Boulevard. As I was walking out a guy tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Are you from Springfield?” I carry around a Skinny Improv bag with me most of the time here when I ride my bike. He is an Evangel University student and he saw my bag. He is here for a semester who had seen the Skinny a few times. So, I guess I’m just another celebrity in Hollywood.

I also got my haircut after seeing Missouri State lose the MVC championship game while eating an overpriced quesadilla.

Here is the extent of the conversation I had with the hair stylist:

Jeff: I’d like some off the side and top, but nothing too drastic.

(25 minutes later)

Jeff: Looks good, I’m glad you used the thinning shears.

Sheila (I’m guessing): Yeah, your hair is pretty thick

And scene

This process of blogging is fairly narcissistic for me, so I want to also talk about some other people periodically. My dad is the tennis coach at the University of Iowa, as he has been since 1981, and today his team played #4 in the nation, Illinois, losing a heartbreaker 4-3. Iowa has had many good teams over the years, but this would have been the biggest team win in the program’s history. Many, many times the team has come close, but has never quite gotten over the hump in those really huge upset situations. I was getting updates from my mom as the meet went on and I thought, “This is the one!” Well, it didn’t happen.

I’m a big sports fan generally, but I don’t cheer for anything as much as I do for my dad. After pouting for awhile, eventually I saw the loss through a different lens, admiring the way my dad has managed to take setbacks like that, only to charge forward for the next meet, and more importantly, over the course of so over many years. It is inspiring for me at this time as I am attempting a big upset out here. I imagine I’ll have many, many setbacks before I pull an upset and I hope I have the fortitude, integrity, and outlook of my father. We may just get our upsets.



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3 responses to “Day 13. My Dad

  1. Shannon

    Woohoo! Your first time being recognized in LA! You’re already famous. 🙂

  2. jenksie

    You are good at this blogging thing. Don’t doubt yourself. xo

  3. Aunt Judy

    Did he ask for your autograph? I think Michelle needs to bring back a lot of your autographs for the family. What a nice tribute to Steve in your blog. I love your insightful thoughts.

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