Day 14. Audition? Sure.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Today was a good day. I made a new website. This one is for my acting. It is You can check it out. is all ready taken by my arch nemesis, Jeff Houghton. It is nearly completely done. I must admit, it is a strange feeling to be my own business now. It feels entirely narcissistic, but I think it is something I have to learn to be okay with. I was hoping that the website would look legit and look like it was done by a professional, not by a guy in a bed because he doesn’t have a desk.

That wasn’t the exciting part of the day. The exciting part of the day was while I was working on said website in said bed, I got a call from the folks at Community and they wanted me to come in to audition for a speaking role for the show. Say what?! What Up With That? It was just Friday that I dropped off my headshot. They wanted me to come by in two hours and asked if I was free. I tried to pause before I said, “Sure!”

So, they sent me a script and I went into the shower to practice it. There were only like five lines, but a couple involved yelling, so I tried to create barriers between myself and my housemates. Eventually, I arrived in the room where there were about seven others practicing the same lines. I kept wanting to ask the other guys questions about what we had to do in there. Did we have to have it totally memorized, or could we read from the sheet? Do they have to read everything before I say my line since it jumps around, or do we go straight in? What did people say their favorite food was before there was pizza? Yet, I asked nothing.

So, I went in and did it. It went pretty well. I have no perspective on if it was great or horrible, but it seemed good. They gave me another sheet of additional lines and told me to come back in with those lines when I was ready. That went fine as well.

Here are my thoughts on my first audition. Although I was a little more nervous than I would have liked, it was not scary or intimidating, it was just me with two other people in a small room. They were nice and I felt like I belonged. It was great to get my first one out of the way, now I want to do more, I just needed to have one under my belt. It really isn’t too bad. 13 affirmation points.

Exciting news number two. I heard back from the health insurance people and I got approved at their ‘standard rate.’ I was not anticipating that. It will save us a lot of money. 11 affirmation points.

Exciting news number three. I went to a show at iO West featuring my new friend, Dana. It was a great show called ‘Celebrity’ and this time featured Eric Stonestreet, who plays one of the gay guys on Modern Family. I talked to him for a bit afterwards. Then, I stayed and watched the next show which featured Tim Meadows.

I’d like to think that I play everything cool, but the truth is, this experience is such an up and down thing yet, so I might as well enjoy the ups.



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16 responses to “Day 14. Audition? Sure.

  1. Dan

    You are so absurdly fortunate and awesome and I couldn’t be happier for you 🙂

    So super stoked. That sentence used alliteration.

    Also, remember what we talked about coattails…


  2. allan

    way to go! seems like you are destined to do well here.

  3. Michelle

    Have I said this yet? I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!! Yes, I have.

  4. Leora Houghton

    Based on your standup audition I think you are taking the downs pretty well too! 🙂

  5. Matty Cakes

    Community? That’s probably the way to go; start small and work your way up to those Thursday night NBC comedies.


    /checks TV Guide app

    You amazing bastard!

  6. matt s

    Dear The Real Jeff Houghton,

    I totally, really, 100% believe in you, and I can’t wait to hang out when I return from my world travels.

  7. Community? Awesome!!!! You’ll be on the tube before you realize it.

  8. Julie

    My only question: how long until you say “Springfield? Oh, yes, I did live there for a time early in my career…”

  9. Jamie Cantrell

    Shut the front door!!! Congratulations, Jeff! Love me some Community.

  10. I’ll be watching and waiting! 🙂 I love community and Joel McHale (saw him and Donald Glover New Year’s Eve 2009 when he came through doing his stand up).

  11. Cari

    Eric Stonestreet is from a small town in Kansas- and my fav Modern Family character.

  12. We’re so proud of you. Sending all our hugs and support to you!

  13. Andy Walser

    Did you have to say, “These pretzels are making me thirsty.”?

  14. Tracy

    I could see you as Joel McHale’s funnier brother!

  15. jenn

    so proud of you jeff!

  16. Love it! Keep it up and keep it coming 😉

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