Day 16. Help Me Help You

March 9, 2011

My Grandma Joan and Grandpa Bud were the most well connected people I knew when I was growing up. Grandpa Bud was a bank president for years and years well into my childhood. Everyone in town knew them and they knew everyone. They had a lot of acquaintances and a lot of good friends. In fact, when important people would come into town, they would have them over for dinner. I wish that was still how thing worked, I love having interesting people over for dinner. Grandpa Bud passed away eight years ago and Grandma Joan might just be more active now than she’s ever been. 

Grandma Joan lives in a retirement community and was pleased when one of her friends for years moved into the same place. She and her friend, Eileen, were talking about grandkids, as grandparents do, and Grandma Joan shared that I was going to be moving to LA. It turns out that Eileen’s granddaughter and her boyfriend are in the entertainment industry here.

So, yesterday, I met with the boyfriend. How’s that for a connection of a connection of  a connection of a connection? He is an agent in training for one of the two or three really big and important agencies. We had coffee at his office building. It was fancy with marble floors and shininess abounding. [Sidenote: From now on when I mention going somewhere I’m going to mention how much parking costs. This parking garage was $3.75 for every 12 minutes.] He is a really nice guy who is also really really busy. He gave me some good advice and offered help out in anyway he can. They won’t represent me because they only represent really famous established people. But, he’s going to get me in touch with people and help me navigate things. This felt like a really big connection that I will lean on a lot. He validated my parking as well so it was free (Saving me $34. Yep). Good guy.

Since I had time on my hands I walked around the area and ended up in an outdoor mall while I talked to my good friend, Joe, on the phone. At the end of our conversation I found myself in front of the Apple store. I turned around and standing two feet from me looking at me was Jeremiah, a friend of mine from Springfield, who used to perform at the Skinny. Weird. My first instinct was to run, by I remained resolute. He works at the Apple store and stopped mid-sentence in shock to come say hi.

He had tickets to a free screening that night, so we went. By the way, it is nice having an open schedule for the sake of impromptu outings. Since it was the first screening of the movie I’m not allowed to say anything about it, but I will offer this advice in general terms. If you get the chance to see a movie about a person who is doing one thing and then starts doing something else only to find success against all odds, don’t go. It is not a good movie at all.

Some good things from the experience:

-We arrived to find an enormous line that looked extremely daunting. We get to the back of the line when a man in a suit says, “Follow me.” Apparently, we were a demographic they wanted to have research on for the movie. So, we got to walk past the entire line and go in.

-It was a large, largely African American audience. We were two of probably ten white people there. As I have mentioned I geek out for diversity, so that was great.

-I have heard the stereotype from comedians before that watching a movie with a mostly African American audience is a lot more of an interactive experience. This held true. It was cool. There was clapping at different points and some loud “Hmmm-mmmms.”

Afterwards, we ordered some pizza and watched a recorded Celtics game that I knew the ending to. It was actually really nice to hangout with someone I already know. I don’t mind constantly meeting new people, but this was good. It was kind of like the old days when someone important was in town and they would get invited over for dinner. Now I just need to figure out how to get important.



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4 responses to “Day 16. Help Me Help You

  1. That’s freaky you ran into him. Awesome too. And I will avoid that movie. 🙂

  2. Jeremiah!



    May Matthew and I use YOU as a connection when we get out there? Ha.

  3. mollyrew

    I love reading your blog. 🙂
    It seems like things just keep falling into place for you out there… very cool! 🙂

  4. Shannon

    Sounds like a fun day. 🙂 And, hey, if you need a massage therapist, pregnant pharmacist, or med student while you’re in LA, let me know. I’ll hook you up! 🙂

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