Day 17. Remember

March 10, 2011

Michelle is coming tomorrow night! I’ve been properly excited, but then tonight I watched some video we took on our iPhones of me packing and leaving. It was a reminder of just how difficult this whole thing is. It makes it all the more exciting that she will be here.

I’m the king of distractions, in fact, I’m really good at them. This whole experience has given me the chance to distract myself pretty well from the tough feelings of being apart from Michelle. But it ain’t easy, especially for Michelle because she’s in our home. I think being apart would be easier if we had a defined time table, but the uncertainty makes it more difficult.

I feel like Michelle’s sacrificial support of me is a great example of love. I want this whole blogging thing to be in part, a love letter to her. Or, more accurately, a reflection of the love she shows for me. We talk multiple times a day, and even get to Facetime on our phones, but it’s often better to articulate meaningful things in written words, at least for me. I guess I don’t really know why it’s important for me to say it in a public way, but I just want people to know that behind the chasing of dreams and these lofty ideals is a wife who knows how to love in both a lofty and a practical way. Yep, she’s pretty great. She’s the real hero in this dream chasing.

Here is a poem I wrote her while I was driving out here. It is about the moment when I had to say goodbye and drive away. Again, I don’t have many of these. I think I have three left. I’ve already blown through three of them in the first seventeen days.

Remember this moment

Remember this kiss

It has to last

So remember this


The touch of my hands

Soft on your neck

And yours on my back

Willing to let


Me go from this place

And this time and this now

Where we’re wiping tears

From under our brows


I’ll remember your breath

Slight on my cheek

I’ll remember your eyes

Forget how they leak


I’ll remember your hair

Sweeping my skin

I’ll remember your gaze

And know what’s within


So, remember my scruff

Coarse on your face

Remember my heart

And feeling it race


Remember my words,

Telling you so

That if you say “When”

I’ll turn and I’ll go


This warm winter’s day

It feels like deceit

But the truth is

The distance cannot compete


Because love brought this pain

And love brought this hurt

Because love’s made of freedom

And love’s born of work


So remember the heartache

The feeling of loss

Remember that love

Is the root of the cause


I’ll cherish this moment

With you at the fore

Always pursuing

Still seeking more


So, there you go, about as heartfelt as I can get. It was meant just for Michelle, so if she wants me to, I may be taking it down soon. I think tomorrow I’ll do a funny post. By the way, I didn’t do much today. I took a bike ride through Beverly Hills, watched Iowa Basketball lose to Michigan State, and went to Starbucks.

Tomorrow night!



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5 responses to “Day 17. Remember

  1. Shannon

    Beautiful, sweet poem – brought tears to my eyes. I’m so happy you’ll get to spend time together soon. I love to see how supportive you are of each other. It’s a beautiful thing.

  2. Laura Gwin

    Well, now I am crying at work….

  3. Tracy

    I know you will once again cherish your time together. It is going to fly by!

  4. jenksie

    crying at work * crying at work * two years later * crying at work

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