Day 19. The Lady Arrives

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Michelle is here!

I realized that I haven’t been able to sleep all that well. I think it is because I have this ongoing list of things I need to do. But, when Michelle arrived I decided I could relax and not worry about my list for awhile. So, I slept the heck in. It was glorious.

We ate breakfast at a place called Blu Jam where I had one of the greatest inventions of this century, french toast coated with Corn Flakes. It had fruit on top, and instead of syrup it had a vanilla bean sauce over the top. I want Gailey’s to make it. Someone tell them please.

Then, we just walked around going into different shops. You know what is nice? Talking to someone. Most of my conversations these days are getting to know you conversations. This time I could just bring up any little thought that came into my little head.

We went to a party of a friend of a friend who is a filmmaker. It was nice, we got to talk to all kinds of different film industry people. Michelle, who is sometimes extroverted and sometimes introverted was on her outgoing ‘A’ game. It was fun all around. Maybe the neatest guy we met was a guy named Kee who was a pink haired senator in one of the newer Star Wars movies. He has an action figure that was created of him. I just have a paper mache doll I made of myself once.

We also went to the opening of a show at the Museum of Contemporary Art. We felt very cool, especially when we saw a guy wearing a pin stripe neck brace sort of thing as a fashion statement. It was weird, but made us feel like we were indeed at an art show opening in Los Angeles.

It is wonderful having Michelle here, I much prefer it. 8 more days.



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3 responses to “Day 19. The Lady Arrives

  1. Please send some French toast on the plane with Michelle.

  2. Amanda

    Ok, that video totally made me cry… Michelle looks so happy!!!

  3. That video made me laugh so hard. I love you and Michelle.

    Also – that french toast sounds dangerous. It probably isn’t legal in Missouri, yet.

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