Day 20. R and R and GoldenEye

Sunday, March 13, 2011

In February 2003, I moved to Springfield, MO for the pursuit of love and basements. It was when I was moving to see if my long distance relationship with Michelle was the real deal. I had to move to find out if we could do it as an everyday relationship. This was when I moved into her parent’s basement. The first month, things weren’t going so well for us as we tried to make the adjustment. A month later my aunt and uncle called to see if I could come out to California and stay with them for awhile as my aunt had to be gone for a month. It was perfect timing. I needed to get away, and they needed some help with their kids, my cousins. So, Michelle and I made the rule that we couldn’t talk for a month, and then I would come back and we would see where we were.

I really enjoyed being out here because my family is great. I carpooled my cousins, made lunches, painted window trim, cleaned carpets, and mostly played GoldenEye with my youngest cousin Carolyn because she was nine and my ability level. Staying at a place for a month is enough time to make it feel homey. Eventually, I came home and Michelle and I made it work. We needed a step back as we were making a giant leap.

I write this post from the room I stayed in while I played nanny. My aunt and uncle live in Orange County, CA, just south of Los Angeles, so Michelle and I came to spend the night. Oh, and we also got fed ribs, potatoes, and blackberry cobbler. It still feels homey. Normally, you take a vacation to get away from the homey feel and go experience something new. However, when you’re only experiencing new things, it is good to take a vacation to a homey place.

The rest of the day we had done next to nothing. It was my first day of not doing anything towards my goals, which made it awesome.


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  1. I’m glad you’re getting time with Michelle to recharge the batteries.

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