Day 22. Presenting Michelle the Guest Blogger

For those of you thinking you get another lovely dose of Jeff’s musings on his time out here, you are in for something a bit different– hopefully it is to your liking. Jeff has given me permission to hijack his blog for an evening. I am writing to update you on what we did in Los Angeles on day 22 of Jeff’s Mystery Year, and add a bit of Michelle pizazz to the whole thing.

To start, I should tell you that before I came out here I had only a vague idea of what Jeff was actually doing with all of his time in LA, except for meeting a lot of seemingly important people. It seemed like every day I would ask him where he was at in his giant list of things to do, (from here on out I will affectionately call it “The List”), and I always got confused about the process and its steps. So when Jeff told me last night that he wanted to spend the afternoon working on “The List”, I had to ask about a zillion questions to understand what he was actually working on. Turns out he spent a lot of time today emailing contacts and working on editing a You Tube video that in the end messed up and he has to re-do.

While Jeff was pecking away at this endless pile of duties, I went for a run. Well, that is to say, a walk/run. I decided to head north of where we are in West Hollywood to the foot of the Hollywood Hills, then I ran/walked West toward Beverly Hills. My reward was the start of a sun tan (hooray for California sun!), a giant blister on my toe, and seeing two models and the paparazzi take pictures of some lady I didn’t recognize.

Later, after Jeff came to a stopping point on “The List” and I finished some laundry, we went to watch The Moth, which is a storytelling show that Jeff and I like to listen to as a podcast. We also met with a friend who moved out here from Springfield around the same time Jeff did in pursuit of a music career. Overall it was a great evening and a fun day.

Jeff at one point looked at me and said he felt badly that we didn’t do more with our time together during the day, since I am technically on vacation. Honestly though, I liked giving him some space to work on his list. I am here not only to explore and learn about life here in Los Angeles, but to further my support of him chasing his dreams. I feel good about that.

I am so proud of him for everything he is doing out here, and I am glad just to be a part of it. I could tell that Jeff felt a bit daunted by his endless list today, and all I could feel was overwhelming pride at how hard he is working and how diligent he is. Wether it be writing me a gorgeous poem, being personable enough to meet all of the people he has already met out here, or having the endurance to keep working on a video that in the end didn’t load properly on You Tube, everything he is doing to chase his dream, to me, is admirable.



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2 responses to “Day 22. Presenting Michelle the Guest Blogger

  1. Shannon

    Hi Michelle! Nice to hear your side. I love the pic of Bird of Paradise flowers – they’re my fave. 🙂

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