Day 25. Man vs. Traffic

March 18, 2011

We had to go 11 miles to get from Santa Monica back to the homestead in West Hollywood. I started the car which was recently filled with $70 worth of gas. I looked down at the time and it was 4:49, rush hour. A good time for a man running a half marathon (13.1 miles) race is  an hour and a half. The time that it took us in the car was an hour and a half. We could have easily been beaten by an average road race. Oops. 14 crapfirmation points.

We had gone to Santa Monica to hang out with our friend, Evan. We did that very successfully. Again, it was nice to hang out with a friend who is not a friend of a friend as I’m more accustomed to these days. When we got home we fell on the bed for 20 minutes and then got back into the car.

We went to dinner at my new friends Dana and Dan’s house. I had met up with Dana two weeks ago. She is from Springfield but has been successful in the improv world here as well as some films and commercials. She claims to not be a cook, but made us a delicious entire meal and we sat around and talked.

Today was hanging out with friends with my wife along, it felt very normal.


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  1. Evan

    Sorry about that. At least it’s sunny for your trip to the Getty today. Wait, it’s raining? Damn you, Super Moon!

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