Day 29. I Have an Idea

Tuesday, March 23, 2011

Tonight I sat in a packed theatre and watched a slam poetry show. I love slam poetry. I’m not rhythmically inclined enough to do it on my own, but I love to see it done. There is something about it, and I suppose art generally, that accesses the part of you that believes in possibilities.

It has now been about a month since I moved out here. I’ve tried to be honest in this blog sharing the highs and the lows and the funny and the unfunny of this whole chasing dreams experience. I think some of you feel invested in what I’m doing here. I hope me updating everyday has helped to solidify that feeling. Your feeling of investment comes back to me in the form of a feeling of support, which is actually really great.

So, I’ve had an idea.

I’ve been thinking, what if I could get enough people invested in what I’m doing, coming to the blog frequently, that I could actually convince a business to want to put ads on my site? I’m idealistic and everything, but I will sell out in a heartbeat for income. See, the chasing of the dream is great and all, it’s the financing of the dream that may actually be more important.

Already in a month, I’ve had about a third of the total views that I have had on my Mystery Hour blog, which I’ve had for 2 years. This blog gets pretty good traffic, and has to include people that I don’t know, which makes me think others could enjoy it.

So, for those of you reading that are thinking, “Hey, I’d like to help out,” I have a proposal (It does not involve money, although, if you’re willing I have a bigger idea that involves me purchasing an RV).

Will you simply spread this blog around to friends (or foes)?

I think other people could find it interesting. It involves chasing dreams, the entertainment industry, marriage, drama, comedy, dramedy, comerama. You know, universal things. I’m not a salesman, just an aspirer. However, I do have a beautiful Winnebago that I’d love to see me in.



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8 responses to “Day 29. I Have an Idea

  1. jeffrey markus

    Google Add Sense. that is what it is built for.

  2. I love this idea and we may have a proposal for you! I’ll shoot you an email later in the week. 🙂

  3. Great idea Jeff. I was just thinking of you today after yesterday’s post. You should also add a Paypal link where your fans can, if they are so inclined, contribute to your cause along with your care and feeding. I for one would be willing to sponsor a tire on your Winnebago 🙂

  4. Shannon

    I hope you make lots of $$$. Good luck 🙂

  5. I will sponsor a set of fuzzy dice for your Winnebago rear view mirror. And maybe a small corner ficus tree if you promise not to use it as a makeshift toilet.

    Oh, and I’ll pass along this blog to friends and foes, too. I’ve been looking forward to reading about your west coast adventures since you began posting. Very absorbing, in a sort of kite-on-a-string-with-a-key-attached-to-it-in-a-thunderstorm kind of way. And you’re the dude holding the string. We’re gathered around, metaphorically if not physically, to see if lightning strikes. Who wouldn’t wanna see / read about that?

  6. Bob Saccamano

    I’ll spread the good word for you.
    Also, you might want to use your next post to spread the word about the crisp, refreshing taste of new Coke Zero. All of the taste, none of the calories!
    You should also remind readers about Taco Bell’s all-new Beefy Crunch Burrito – so much flavor at such a small price!
    Pretty soon you’ll have every major player in the ad industry calling in with endorsement deals. And the rest of us will still follow The Mystery Year Presented by GEICO.

  7. Mary

    Lisa sent out an email to all of CBCO with a link to your blog. Hope you get lots of responses. I am rooting for you and wishing you the best!

  8. Allen Marsh

    Posting it to my page.

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