Day 36. Say Yes

March 29, 2011

The positive side of uncertainty is that you can say, “Yes” to most things. In my pre-L.A. life I didn’t feel like I had time to say “Yes” to anything anymore. I had gotten so busy. I was either working, or working on something for The Mystery Hour, or writing an article, doing an improv show, or having dedicated time with Michelle. These are all things that I loved, but if somebody came to me with something new, I would have to work to squeeze it in. I hated that tension. I liked what I was doing, but I also like being open to things.

When you move somewhere new, there is no “squeezing in.” There is no “squeezing” at all. “Hey Jeff, we’re grabbing drinks tonight? You want to come?” Let-me-check-my-calendar-yes. “Hey Jeff, are you available for an audition?” How would I not be available? “Hey Jeff, would you like to go to the roller derby match on Saturday?” Absolutely!

In my new life, friends of friends have become my friends, things I would maybe consider doing have become things I jump at, and Starbucks is no longer a place I just stop by for an iced green tea, it’s an office.

Today, I spent a good chunk of time at Starbucks. As you may recall, it is inhabited by only good looking people. Piles of them. It was very exciting because I got a lot done. I was focused. I got reels up on LA Casting, I got registered with Actor’s Access, I finished my registration with Backstage, I followed up with connections, etc. I then Facetimed with Michelle, which is amazing for long distance and way better than working on crap. She’s my favorite thing to work on.

At night, I met up with a friend of a friend, Mike. We went to a stand up show to watch a buddy of his. Once again, this friend of a friend was very nice and I could see hanging out with him again.

Also, I found out that I have an interview for a server position with a catering company. If I get the job I will become the cliche of a struggling actor. However, a big part of me wants to get a job in something completely random that I will never have the opportunity to do again. Plus, I got an audition on Friday for a host role on a commercial. People here get auditions all the time, but for me it’s still exciting. Plus, it pays, which is super exciting.




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6 responses to “Day 36. Say Yes

  1. cousin Suzanne

    Things are sounding good. I’m enjoying your site. Wishing you the best everyday here in beautiful So. Cal.

  2. Awesome. Goodbye Funk, Hello Fun!

  3. Evan

    step 1: Go to netflix

    step 2: watch both seasons of Party Down. immediately.

    step 3: i’m taking a “long lunch” to watch baseball tomorrow. Want to join me? I’m meeting with some internet strangers from at a sports bar, so you can probably teach me a thing or two about being out of one’s element. Say yes.

  4. Laura Gwin

    You know when you first open your email and there are sometimes 10-30 new items that want you immediate attention. When I see one with your name on it I ALWAYS open it first. I know it’s going to make me smile or laugh and the rest of those emails can just wait there turn.

  5. Michelle

    Laura– so glad you are keeping up w/ Jeff’s blog. 🙂

  6. Your life sounds fun. 🙂 Saying yes is fun. Living day by day and accepting invites spontaneously is fun. I bet being a server at catered events will be fun. Being away from your spouse is not fun. That’s too bad. 😦 But have fun w/ the rest!

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