Day 38. Celebrity Sightings

March 31, 2011

There are a lot of celebrities out here and they do very normal things. They have to live their lives like anyone else. Weird, I know. I’m not a big celebrity gawker, and if I was it would feel mostly impossible here because everyone wears the celebrity in public disguise of hats and big sunglasses. I’ve encountered a few of them. Here, you are supposed to see a celebrity, act like it’s not exciting, but secretly keep your eye on them. I wanted to give my updated celebrity sighting list up to this point. 

Cast of Community. Few weeks ago. I was in a small hallway with all of them, with my friend who works for the show on the set of Community. They were getting ready to film a scene. My impression: They were especially nice and not at all mean. Thing I wish I would have said: “Hey, what if you guys have a cool new friend name Me who is pale and awesome?”

The Blonde Bad Guy Who Gets Killed in Die Hard. Today. Comedy Store. My impression: I didn’t know it was him, but the guy I was with did. Thing I wish I would have said: ” Yippee Kai Yay Mother _____”

Various Cast Members of Glee. A couple weeks ago. On the Paramount Lot. They had just taped something off the lot and were all coming back to their cars. Michelle was with me and had been disappointed that we hadn’t seen anyone famous. Then, we spotted them and had this dialogue: “Look, its the Asian dancer. Hey, it’s Phin. Look, the gay guy. Hey, there’s the heavy set girl.” We don’t know anyone’s real names from the show. My impression: Nice cars. Thing I wish I would have said: “I have a plan to take down Sue.”

Bill Maher. Today. At a taping of Real Time with Bill Maher, right next to the Late Late Show. My impression: It was just a rehearsal to test the jokes in front of the audience, but fun. Thing I wish I would have said: “How was Springfield?”

Josh Holloway. Today. If you don’t know, he played the sexy, Sawyer, on Lost. At the Comedy Store. My impression: Be still my heart. As hot in person. I got a “I’m pretending to check my texts” picture for Michelle. Thing I wish I would have said: “How is your torso so long?”

Harold Perrineau (Lost). Last Sunday. Sports Bar. My impression: His friends were cheering for Kansas basketball when they lost. He didn’t seem to mind. Thing I wish I would have said: “Sorry to hear about losing Walt. It’s okay though, he’s magic.”

Craig Ferguson. Today. At a taping of the Late Late Show, which is literally down the street. I walked there. My impression: I really enjoyed the show. It was a lot of fun. He’s a goofy mo-fo. Thing I wish I would have said: “Excuse me sir, have you really eaten haggis?”

Eric Stonestreet. A couple weeks ago. iO West. He is friends with one of my new friends. I chatted briefly with him afterwards. My impression: He was an awesome improviser. Thing I wish I would have said: “A couple of my ‘friends’ say I look like your boyfriend on Modern Family. Tell me I don’t please.”



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4 responses to “Day 38. Celebrity Sightings

  1. Michelle

    SO so SO glad you snapped that pic for me. Love that he’s kept his long man mane.

  2. Allen Marsh

    Strange – I’ve been here 9 months and have no celebrity sightings to report, although I do occasionally brag that I saw Mystery Jeff during the Oscars…

  3. Allen Marsh

    People out here generally seem to take that news in stride, though

  4. Celeb sightings is fun! I enjoy reading about your fun LA connections and sightings. 🙂

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