Day 39. A New Audition

April 1, 2011

When I was a kid my dad would take us to Lincoln Elementary school to practice baseball. We would go to Lincoln because it had a good fence for home runs and it was where my dad had gone to elementary school. My dad is a tennis coach, so instead of using baseballs, we used tennis balls because we had them in abundance. My dad was a monster hitting home runs. I only remember loving the experience. However, I must not have always completely loved it because I can remember that one summer my mom worked out a deal with me that anytime I took a pointer or critique from my dad that I would get a penny. This deal was set up because I apparently wasn’t handling the criticisms well. I didn’t like putting myself out there to be critiqued. I don’t remember how many pennies I got that summer.

At the Skinny Improv we would hold auditions occasionally . We would get lots of people in and they would be of varying quality. The ones that stood out to me were not the ones that were the best. The ones that stood out were the ones that didn’t care how they did. I guess it was an attitude thing. They wanted to do well, but they didn’t mind being told that they weren’t picked. I remember envying that attitude and thinking, “I could never be that way.” The truth is most of the opportunities I’ve had before moving have been people that have seen me perform and ask if I wanted to do a commercial/film/whatever. I’m not an audition veteran.

Today I had an audition. It was my first one that came from the LA Casting website, so I felt like I earned it. My only other audition came through a connection. This was for a host role on an infomercial thing. Don’t judge, they pay. The audition went fine. It was just a couple of guys in a room with a camera. They were really nice, and I think I actually did really well. Then I left. Not so bad.

Here are my thoughts on auditioning. I think this applies to putting yourself out there generally as well.

-It is okay to fail. There is nothing at risk. My tendency is to think that some part of me is at risk if it doesn’t go well. Untrue.

-You don’t have to impress everybody. Tackling Hollwood feels like you need to impress everybody. The truth is you need to impress one or two people at a time in an audition room and that’s it.

-If you suck they won’t remember you.

-The people holding the audition are usually nice. They have to judge, but they’re not judgy.

I think that learning the skill of being willing to put myself out there and fail is something that I will really take from this experience. I think it comes with doing a lot of auditions and I can feel it happening already. The great thing is that here if they like you and you can handle critiques, they will give lots of pennies. Lots and lots of pennies.




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2 responses to “Day 39. A New Audition

  1. Allen Marsh

    Well said.

  2. This is the first post I read on my computer instead of on my phone – and I LOVE your blog header photo! 🙂

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