Day 40. By the Numbers

Saturday, April 3, 2011

I’ve now been out here for 40 days. Here is my time by the numbers

23. Number of friends of friends I have met up with.

2. Number of improv classes I have had.

2. Number of auditions I have had.

1,431. Number of off brand Goldfish crackers I have eaten

1. Number of sinus infections.

232. Number of hours spent at nearby coffee shops

8. Number of bike rides

25. Number of Facetime chats with Michelle

0. Number of days where I don’t miss her

2. Number of stand up sets that I’ve done

1. Number of stand up sets that went well

6. Number of stand up shows I have seen

802. Number of masturbation jokes I have heard.

4. Number of times I have attempted the advanced method of Neti Pot.

4. Number of times I have wept in the shower while holding a Neti Pot.

0. Number of monies I have made in the last six weeks

14. Number of minutes it takes me, on average, to eat a sleeve of Milano cookies

1. Number of online traffic schools completed

53. Percentage of people here who know where Missouri or Iowa are.

498. Number of blocks I have circled looking for parking.

1. Number of times being recognized from the Skinny Improv

2. Number of children my sister gave birth to on Friday.

67. Number of times the song, Friday, has appeared on my Facebook news feed





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3 responses to “Day 40. By the Numbers

  1. Michelle

    your wife “likes” this

  2. Derek

    In reference to your count of 802 and the couple of times the subject has been included on this blog in regard to the subject matter of jokes, I am worried about what will be trending the next time you Google yourself.

  3. Congrats to your sister! 🙂

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