Day 42. Miss My Wife Sort of a Day

April 4, 2011

Today was a miss my wife sort of day.

We, of course, miss each other everyday, but some days you feel it a little more. It is not in any sort of weepy way anymore, just the feeling that something is askew. Right now, I would really love a day to go home for a day, hug my wife, sit on my couch and just jump in some normalcy and comfort as a refresher and then come back full steam ahead.

Things aren’t horrible on a miss your wife sort of day, it’s just this thought of how much better each part of the day would be with her around. Michelle is working hard through her first session of organizing and administering MAP testing (Missouri standardized test). She is very busy with that, which is kind of nice for her and kind of hectic at the same time.

I got stood up for lunch today by a nice man. He’s another friend of a friend. We talked on the phone last week and he really is a nice guy, but he didn’t show up (8 crapfirmation points). The great thing about my life right now is I can take it in stride because I just sat and read a screenwriting book I’ve been trying to get through. Then, I went to improv class, which I love (12 affirmation points). After class, I hung out with my classmates (6 affirmation points), watched a horrible basketball game, and went to an improv show. When I first saw the Skinny Improv back in the day I could only go to one show because I wanted to do it so bad that I couldn’t just watch it. It’s that same feeling for me now. I’m only getting in a few scenes a week in and I used to be in so many more. In a non arrogant way, it is nice feeling like I could have hung in there with the people in the show though (5 affirmation points).

I have an interview for a catering company on Tuesday. Not my ideal job, but rumor is they pay money.

So yeah, I’m not too articulate about it, but it’s a miss my wife sort of a day.



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3 responses to “Day 42. Miss My Wife Sort of a Day

  1. Michelle

    I need some encouragement and hugs from you right now, so its a miss my husband kind of a day…

  2. Jamie Cantrell

    My heart is both excited and breaking for the two of you these days.

  3. Sorry we were a day late w/ the hugs, Michelle.
    Jeff, you’re just too far away.
    I can’t wait for you two to spend some time together. I agree w/ Jamie – heartbreaking and exciting, both. And I’m just watching from the sidelines.

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