Day 45. A Job Writing Trivia?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I am endlessly fascinated in just about everything. Michelle can attest to this. She has had to endure me trying to get her to read certain articles, or watch something on TV that I have found fascinating, or put up with me stopping at every single historical marker .

So, today, when I was going through my routine of looking for jobs on Craigslist, I was wonderfully surprised to see this posting:

Writer / Editor needed for Trivia game content in Genre’s of:
Entertainment (currently filled)

(There’s more to the ad, but I have shortened it for the sake of brevity.)

Writing trivia questions?! I’ve always wondered who wrote those questions. I’ve wanted to know the trivia behind the trivia. You can imagine my excitement as I replied to the posting immediately.

I will share it with you now.

Here it is:

I am writing to find out information regarding the writer/editor position interviews. I have a lot of experience writing blogs, as well as work published by magazines. I was an active freelancer for 417 Magazine for years, and freelanced for other publications as well. I am endlessly curious, especially in history and sports. I like to listen to podcasts (This American Life, Radiolab, How Stuff Works, Fresh Air), exercise, and explore. I’m writing a blog that I update everyday at I also have a humor blog that I have had for two years, Here is a link on that website to my professional writing work,

1. Who would be a perfect candidate for a job writing trivia?
a) Chicago Cubs reliever Kerry Wood
b) Former First Lady Barbara Bush
c) Jeff Houghton
d) Pop artist


Answer: C. The others are too busy.


2. Who has proven himself to be a reliable employee for many years?
a) Charlie Sheen
b) Jeff Houghton
c) Lindsay Lohan
d) Tony the Tiger


Answer: B. The only one without a history of drug addiction


3. In 1987, what did 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Farraj, say about her student, Jeff Houghton?
a) “Jeff is officially suspended for punching a girl in the throat.”
b) “Since we have completed Sex Ed, Jeff has not spoken for 2 weeks.”
c) “Jeff ate an entire box of crayons and pooped Skittles.”
d) “Jeff plays well with others.”


Answer: D. The other events happened in 3rd grade.


4. What time would Jeff arrive for work everyday?
a) A few minutes early, greeting everyone pleasantly.
b) Late, calling everyone “Chief” as he goes by.
c) Tomorrow
d) “A Time to Kill,” by John Grisham


Answer: A.


5. Who is actually more professional than this e-mail makes him appear?
a) Geoffrey Chaucer
b) Jeff Houghton
c) Jeffrey Dahmer
d) Jeff Goldblum


Answer B. The others haven’t had real jobs before.


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4 responses to “Day 45. A Job Writing Trivia?

  1. You are in like Flynn! I have no idea what that means. If only there was a way to know.

  2. Tracy

    You are a good trivia question writer–I only got 2 right!

  3. Love the Goldblum reference.

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