Day 46. Audition Updates

Friday, April 8, 2011

I haven’t updated my daily goings on for the last couple of days. Here are some highlights.

-I had an audition for a short film on Wednesday. I walked into the place and it was like a doctor’s office. There was a receptionist, a waiting area, and a bunch of small rooms. Then, someone would come out with a clipboard and call your name. You go into a small room and audition. While you’re in there they figure out what is wrong with you. So, I guess I should say, it was exactly like a doctor’s office.

Most auditions give you “sides” before you audition, which are snippets from the script that you will be reading for the audition. What I read was a scene about a married couple in an argument while their car was breaking down. The dialogue was very realistic and brought me back to arguments in the car. An argument in the car is the worst thing in the world. You can’t go anywhere to escape it, you still have to concentrate on the road, and there is always some Bonnie Raitt song on the radio acting as a sad soundtrack.

-I have an audition on Sunday for an improv group. I am excited and I don’t know what to expect, or if I’ll want to do it necessarily. That’s the great thing right now, I just do things and decide on the fly.

-I have an audition on Monday for a new trivia game show on NBC. Yes, they do auditions for such things. I have no idea how I will do, but what I lack in smarts I will make up for in enthusiasm. This weekend I will go to the library and get as many Wikipedia books as I can.

-I’m doing standup at the Comedy Store on Friday, May 5th at 10 pm for an Emerging Comics show. It sounds awesome because the Comedy Store is legendary. Honestly, though, I just signed up and got an e-mail back confirming, I didn’t have to earn my spot. Plus, I’m on the hook for selling 20 tickets. Who is interested? I am excited though because I will be performing in front of regular people, and not just other comics. I am also a little scared.

-I saw a screening of the movie Hannah, which comes out this weekend. It was good and different and intense. I went with my friend, Jeremiah, who is my hookup for free movie screenings.

-I found a locally owned coffee shop, which is nearby, that is cheaper than Starbucks, without as many amazingly good looking people walking in. I have a decision on my hands. How much is the viewing of a comical amount of good looking people worth to me? Paying twice as much for a scone?


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