Day 55. Questions?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I’ve decided I’m going to start responding to comments. Internet etiquette is different than real life etiquette. Me not responding to comments on here would be the equivalent of me talking your ear off face to face, and then you follow it up with a comment or a question, and I stare back at you in silence. I won’t respond to all of them, but I’ll make an attempt.

Today, my weekend visitor, Josh, and I went to a Dodgers/Cardinals game at Dodger Stadium. I couldn’t decide whether or not to wear shorts or jeans. I went with jeans. My thighs got really sweaty. It was a fast, pretty uneventful game through eight innings. The score was tied 0-0. Then, the Cards scored one in the ninth. Then the Dodgers scored two on a walk off homer. I didn’t mind, I was cheering for the Cubs.

Josh and I then went to a show at UCB. It is their flagship show, ASSSCAT. We stayed for the second show, a game show called, Celebrity. It featured Kate Flannery (Meredith, The Office), Eric Stonestreet (Cameron, Modern Family), and was hosted by Rich Sommer (Harry, Mad Men). It was quirky and fun. The celebrity guests, Kate and Eric happen to be two people I have talked to before.

After the show we saw Kate at the In n Out Burger.

So, this was kind of a boring post.

On to something I’ve been thinking about doing.

Do you, the reader, have any questions for me? I often think about things I’m not including, or explaining in this adventure, but then forget them when I sit down to write.  Ask me questions about whatever, silly, or real. I’ll do a post where I answer them. Remember, there are no stupid questions, only stupid sentences where you raise your voice at the end, and are inquiring about information I may have.



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8 responses to “Day 55. Questions?

  1. Frank

    Meg Ryan or Jennifer Anniston?

    • Frank

      Hey, and I chopped liver over hear? hehe. I didn’t get an answer. I bet my question was not serious enough huh?
      Okay, In todays economic slump, and given the rise in Greene County property taxes, despite a decline everywhere else in the nation… I ask you, what percentage is a reasonable percent for increasing/decreasing your Greene County property value from 2009-2011?

  2. Nate

    Would you buy gum with a credit card?

  3. Pilgrim

    I need your address in LA. email me at pilgrc.

  4. Andy Walser

    Nice Shirley Temple pic, my 9 year old Rebecca loves her and has all her movies. Also, great to hear about Josh and his family’s gangsta visit.

    • jeffhoughton

      Nice, Rebecca is a throwback. It was just Josh visiting, his family stayed home. That’s why we went soo crazy.

  5. Allen Marsh

    The shorts/jeans issue is a legitimate one. I’ve noticed that I can never figure out what the hell to wear here. We are in the desert, after all, so shorts seem logical, and yet I find that I still get cold a lot here. And everybody’s like, “Dude, you used to live in Missouri! It’s 30 degrees there this time of year.” And I’m always like, “Yeah. I was cold there too.”

    • jeffhoughton

      Yes, Allen, it is definitely an unforeseen thing. It gets chillier here than you would guess, especially at night.

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