Day 57. Crashing a Seminar

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The saga continues. I still don’t know what is happening with my job status. As I have mentioned previously, I interviewed with a catering company for a serving position. I quickly realized that I didn’t remember anything about serving, but I convinced the interviewer that what I lacked in experience I could make up for in professionalism.

This is where it got murky. I remember him saying, “We’d like to have you come back for a ‘Skills Assessment’. It is our way of saying…” I don’t remember how he finished the sentence. Next, I showed up for the ‘Skills Assessment,’ as chronicled here. They didn’t have me on the list, but I stayed and got a certificate at the end. At each point, I thought I was hired.

Now, this job does everything through it’s website, so as a server you login and show your availability on their calendar. When I tried and couldn’t today, I sent an e-mail.

“My name is Jeff Houghton. I was recently hired by Party Staff-L.A. I had my interview and then went through my “Skills Assessment” and training last week. I’m wondering what my next step is. I would love to get registered online and start working. You can e-mail me back, or give me a call.”

20 minutes later I got a phone call.

Jeff: Hello

Will: Hi, Jeff, this is Will with Party Staff.

Jeff: Oh, hey, how’s it goi…

Will: I’m a bit confused by your e-mail

Jeff: Okay

Will: You said you were hired, but we don’t have you down in our system.”

Jeff: Okay, yeah, I wasn’t sure.

Will: You say you went to our Skills Assessment?

Jeff: Yeah, and they didn’t have me down on the list

Will: You went on what day last week?

Jeff: I don’t know, Tuesday or Wednesday

Will: Well, which one was it?

Jeff: I’m going to say Tuesday.

Will: Okay, you crashed our free seminar for employees.

Jeff: Ha, that’s funny.


Jeff: So, I was supposed to go on Wednesday, huh? So, I didn’t actually need to leave my game show audition early and risk the chance of winning thousands of dollars so I could sit through a three hour gouge your eyes out from boredom meeting? Oh man, that’s funny.

Will: Our “Skills Assessment” is on Wednesday nights. I don’t know how we had this mixup.

Jeff: It’s okay, I think I just read the sheet wrong.

Will: We have a Skills Assessment tomorrow night at 6:15, do you think you can make that?

Jeff: Yep, unless I accidentally come tonight. Ha! Right?

Will: Okay, see you then.

So, yeah, I’m an idiot. I thought it was funnier than Will did. However, the mystery has been solved. I have not been hired yet. Also, I don’t know if I can handle the required ambidextrous nature of the job. So, tomorrow I’m going to practice with plates here at the house. I’m going to practice over my bed so if I drop them it will be on something soft. They’re not my plates.

Also, today, I registered with another extras casting company because the first one has been pretty ineffective for me. I also found out I have an audition tomorrow at around the same time as my Skills Assessment. I haven’t decided which one I’m going to do.

Michelle comes on Thursday!

Michelle comes on Thursday!



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2 responses to “Day 57. Crashing a Seminar

  1. Dan Maiore

    Jeff – you should consider getting an intern to keep you organized like Kramer did on Seinfeld…

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