Day 60. Shooting and Arting

Friday, April 22, 2011

Two straight months of blogging!

I woke up next to my wife this morning. That is a great way to start your day. We got up and went down to the Beautiful Starbucks. I worked on some things and she marveled at the scenery. 

Jeff: See, this is full of really good looking people, huh?

Michelle (taking pictures with her phone): Yep.

In the afternoon I drove the the neighborhood around USC to film the scene I was shooting. It was an old neighborhood, that felt more like a midwest neighborhood. We were filming outside of a house that the college student director, Matt, described as a “halfway house” for members of his fraternity. They move from their frat house their senior year to this house to get rehabbed for their entrance back into the real world. It smelled like weed.

The shoot went great. It really felt real and second nature after a little while. My co-star, Jane, asked a lot of questions about her characters motivation and what she’s thinking in different parts. I was just thinking, “Oh, this is fun.” Maybe I need to ask more questions like that. We shot it a number of times, and each time she had to emphatically say, “Flying f&@k,” much to the delight of the 8 year old neighborhood kid, Ian, who served as our audience.

By the end I really thought,” Man, I love this acting stuff.” This is why I’m here. I forgot, I really like it. So far, I’ve just been trying to get settled and trying to set up situations where I get to act that I forgot about the fact that I really like doing it. I think when you’re starting out, the ratio of time spent on acting to working at the chance to act is so small that you cherish the times you get to do it.

Tonight, Michelle and I went to LACMA, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. They have a free jazz concert outdoors and free admission to the museum. They had some really cool pieces, not to mention the biggest elevator I’ve ever seen. We were on a date. It was like old times, except for the fact that we were on a date on a Friday night, when I always had improv shows.

We came home and I fell asleep next to my wife.


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  1. Yay Michelle! You are a saint… for a whole lot of reasons 😉 Hang in there. Please post a picture of a beautiful hot Starbucks guy 😉 Some of us have to live vicariously.

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