Day 62. The Newest Blogger

Sunday, April 24, 2011

My grandma, Joan, is one of the most curious people I know. I think this is fascinating because she is in her eighties. I don’t know too many people in their eighties, but most of the ones I do know aren’t that curious anymore. They’ve done most of their living and are content to let the curious come to them now. They look back on their life with nostalgia as if they’ve finished a book and are recalling moments from different chapters.

Not Grandma Joan. She’s continuing to write new chapters. I guess I don’t know what has made her so curious. Maybe it was her father’s influence, who was the editor of a small town newspaper in Iowa. Maybe it was going to college for journalism in the early 1940’s. Maybe it was her life with my grandpa, Bud, where they were exposed to a wide variety of things as prominent people in town. Or maybe it’s the totality of her life, living through the Depression, living with her future husband away in WWII, raising a family, followed by another generation of grandchildren, or taking care of her husband as he dealt with Parkinson’s toward the end of his life.

I don’t actually know if she was that curious long ago. But now, she’s had a curiosity explosion. She lives in a retirement community and takes advantage of all the offerings available from classes to social activities, to closely following current events. It has been neat to see someone her age take on life like a college freshman new to campus.

We were talking on the phone last week about writing because she’s always had an interest in it, and has read my blog faithfully. In recent years, she has taken on writing again. She likes to write  commentaries on things in life she finds interesting. She usually then e-mails them out to the family. We were talking and I said, “Hey, what if I started a blog for you? I could post the pieces you send out to the family.” She said she’d think about it. While she was thinking about it I just went ahead and made a blog for her. I think she loves it and has started sending me her pieces for me to post.

You need to check it out.

She’s really good.

She’s got pieces about topics that range from  shopping for a bra as an older woman to new slang terms, to making awkward conversations at a table. She’s sent me more I’m putting up occasionally, and she’s writing more all the time, so check back.

So, no, she’s not a typical octogenarian.

She’s an octogenarian with a blog.


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One response to “Day 62. The Newest Blogger

  1. Frank

    I read it, and she has quite a humorous interpretation of daily life. I think bra shopping was the funniest.

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