Day 66. The Starbucks Tour

Thursday, April 28, 2011

If I spend too much time in the Beautiful Starbucks in a day I get depressed. Not because everyone is super good looking and I’m just really good looking*. That’s not it. Sitting in one place looking at a computer hoping that my Naked smoothie keeps supplying me with nutrients to stay awake just puts me in a funk. This used to happen to me in my old job when I would be in the office all day.

Since I have a new Starbucks gift card and a bike, I decided I would do a Starbucks tour. I would work on one thing at one Starbucks, get on my bike and head to another one. I started with one on Wilshire Blvd. I wrote my blog post and looked for jobs. This Starbucks was not nearly as good looking, I felt like I belonged. There was even a crazy guy next to me at the communal table who would frequently get up and cuddle his dog that he left outside on the other side of the glass. While I was looking for jobs on Craigslist I stumbled upon a Comedy Writer position for the show, Ellen. I applied. Wouldn’t that be cool? Yes.

I hopped on my bike and headed to the next Starbucks, but first I made a detour to El Pollo Loco, a fat food restaurant, where they apparently just put like twenty whole chickens on the grill in front of you. I continued riding to Koreatown and landed in a Starbucks there. They didn’t notice me walk in because it was busy, so I just sat down without ordering anything. Here, I worked on the start to a screenplay.

I get back on my bike, turn on some Black Keys in my headphone and ride back home. I love riding my bike in the city. I feel like a bike messenger who is delivering granola bar wrappers, because that’s what’s in my bag.

I had to hurry home because I was meeting up with a friend. No, not a friend of a friend like usual, someone I was actually friends with before I got out here. Matt “lives in community,” meaning that he and his wife have an apartment of their own in a complex of other people they know, where they eat dinner together four times a week, and have meetings together. I’ve always thought that the best way to live would be to have an apartment and have friends live in the other apartments. They’re living it! I had dinner with the group, I mostly talked to a four year old and a two year old. Best quote was win the four year old told me, independent of anything else, “There is a bush behind you.”

Matt and his wife, Katie and I hung out in their apartment and talked, you know all old fashioned and stuff. We talked life and theology and comedy. It was just people connecting and talking and one of them periodically checking on the draft picks of the Kansas City Chiefs on two computers. Two.

*very debatable



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4 responses to “Day 66. The Starbucks Tour

  1. Leah

    well. when Matthew and I move to LA, if you are still out there, we will have to be in the same apartment building. Cause I’ll probably be pretty lonely out there for awhile.

  2. katie

    we made the blog! 😉

  3. Rick Parks

    Never heard of in the community, LA is a different and interesting place.

  4. Rick Parks

    Black Keys – Killer Band

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