Day 75. In the Studio. Makeup!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

I shot a real thing today, in a real studio, with real lighting, in front of a real green screen. Today, drove down to UC-Irvine to fulfill my role of talk show host for a video, the one thing I know how to do. The project was for a student’s senior thesis. It is more of an art project than a video project. It will be on display in an art gallery at the end of the school year. I told them to be sure to invite a lot of network executives.

Basically, the idea is that it is an interactive piece. My part will be on a video screen and a person will sit down on a chair next to the screen. It will look as though I am interviewing the person on the set of a late night talk show. The piece will be voice activated somehow, so I will ask them a question, wait for their response, and then ask a follow up question. Pretty fun concept.

So, today was me being videotaped doing a welcome to the show, asking a series of questions to an actor/artist/athlete/pop star/politician, and fake listening to responses.

Also, I had a makeup lady. She put a lot of crap on my face. She covered up my shaving cuts from the day before. As often as I could I would clap my hands and call out, “Makeup!”

In experiences like this I am soaking everything up like a baby, hoping to internalize all the terms and procedures so that when I do a real paid thing I’ll look like I know what I’m doing. 

Since I was nearby, I headed down afterwards to my aunt and uncle’s house, hung out and spent the night. It is so casual and familial. I eat it up. Speaking of which, we had steak for dinner which I also ate up.

I’m feeling a little puffy in the face from sinus infection and allergies.



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  1. Mmm…steak. I know you wrote more than that, but I’m hungry and it’s been a while since I’ve had a steak.

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