Day 76. A Case for L.A.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

I used to be able to sleep in, like really sleep in. It has been waning in recent years and about two months before I moved, I lost the ability to sleep in altogether. This morning I was able to do it again, and it felt glorious. The key is to power through your groggy wake up at your normal time without waking up too much. If that involves getting up and going to the bathroom, be sure to shuffle your feet, don’t lift them up. Also, don’t flush, it can be jarring and jarring is bad. Come back to bed and try your hardest to get back into your dream.

I was able to sleep in because I was at my aunt and uncle’s house and it feels so much like home.  Eventually, I left from there and grabbed a drink with my latest friend of a friend meetup. Tonight, I met up with Beth, who is a friend of my friend Joe. She works as a writer’s assistant at Dreamworks. She also just moved to LA recently. One of the things that we discussed is how much we actually like LA.

When I decided to move for acting I was actually bummed that the place you had to move was LA. My impression of LA was crowded freeways and shallow people. Both of those exist for sure, but there is so much more.

I would like to make a case for LA.

-Most of the people I have met are great. Especially, in the acting world. Everyone that has been here for awhile were once in my shoes, and haven’t forgotten what it was like, so they want to help out.

-The variety of people is incredible. From the beautiful Starbucks, to Koreatown, to the large number of immigrants.

-There is history here. This was another misconception. I thought that it was all new strip malls and boring. It turns out there is a historic downtown that is slowly undergoing renovation. There is also a super old area called Olvera Street which was the original plot for LA commissioned by a king from Spain when it was Spanish territory in the late 1700’s. Also, I’m starting to get into the Hollywood history.

-I ride my bike to a lot of places. I never would have guessed that to be possible. The city of Los Angeles is pretty urban, so you can get around. Plus, there is a subway system, which is underutilized, not great, but functional.

-Parking isn’t so bad. That is a lie. It is bad. Very bad.

-To talk about the weather is pretty cliche, but it is pretty fantastic.

-Customer service is pretty darn good. I was expecting no concern for such things, but it has been great.

-There are definitely people in the acting world who are douchy I’m sure, but the vast majority aren’t big ego sort of people. These are people who are okay with being rejected over and over, people who take classes all the time because they are humble enough to realize they can have things they need to work on, and they’re people who are cool with talking about dreaming and encouraging it.

-The weather in the midwest may vary from a high of 28 degrees with snow to a high of  78 degrees and sunny in a week. The high here may vary from 62 and overcast to 78 and sunny in a week, but you’re still supposed to analyze it as though there was a great variance. If it’s 63 you might here someone say, “Ooh, it’s cold today.” If it’s 68 the same person would say, “Wow, beautiful day outside.” I think it’s cute.

-There really is a lot to do, less if you don’t have any money, but it’s out there.

The guy from the Toyota and Sonic commercials is sitting across from me at the table, as I write this in the Beautiful Starbucks.


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  1. Sleeping in is good… but if you get the urge to start wearing sweat pants every day, it’s the beginning of the end…

    Just ask Jerry.

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