Day 77. A Modeling Job? Been There Done That

Monday, May 9, 2011

In college, I worked at a place called the Iowa Hawk Shop, the athletic department store for the University of Iowa. They did a lot of business in the store, but a lot of it was done at football games and through a mail order catalog. Officially, my title was the Receiving/Warehouse Coordinator, unofficially my role was to try my hardest to be a model for the catalog. I had gotten wind that in the past they had used employees as models, but they had gone away from that in recent years. I would have none of that, so I started actively campaigning to be a model.

Eventually, it worked (picture to the right). My boss relented and I ended up a model in the catalog. For one shoot I modeled the 3/4 length parka available in sizes up to XX. The next year it was a sweat suit and pajama pants.

Since I had now decided it was safe to call myself a male model I would freely give copies away to anyone who remotely feigned interest. The most embarrassing instance was when I gave one to a girl I met on the plane on the way to England. She didn’t keep in touch.

So, you can imagine my lack of surprise when I got booked to be a model for this coming Thursday. The 11 years between modeling opportunities seem like a mere day. Models age the opposite of dogs.

I’m not exactly sure what the project is, the woman called me yesterday while I was in the Beautiful Starbucks and it was kind of hard to hear. I know it is for a Funny or Die project because I will be going to their studios. I also know it has something to do with superheroes.

The great reminder that I have yet to arrive as a sex symbol lies in the posting for what they were looking for.

Simon Pegg look-alike ideal. Blonde, facial hair, thin.”

Simon Pegg is not all that sexy. I’ve actually always thought he looked like my friend, Drew, who is nice, but I don’t consider a sex symbol. I don’t think I look that much like Simon Pegg, but they are going to pay me a hefty $50. It will be my official first paycheck in Los Angeles.

The wardrobe and makeup people are to be contacting me soon.

If you’re wanting to look at me as a sex symbol, you’re going to have to really work at it. If you want to look at me as the look a like for the lead in Run Fat Boy Run, it will be easy.



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2 responses to “Day 77. A Modeling Job? Been There Done That

  1. Pilgrim

    That is one great looking track suit! Do you have a milk mustache in that pic?

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