Day 79. Home and Badassery

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

You know how in the harsh days of winter, you’re so surrounded by cold and bleak and dreary that it feels impossible to remember that in the summer it will get so uncomfortably hot that you can barely stand it? You can’t put yourself in those shoes because it feels so far away and distant.

I’m beginning to feel that way about home. Not so much the house and the yard and friends, but more the feeling of home.

This is why I am excited to go home in a week and half. I am certainly enjoying my time here, but to be surrounded by home will be amazing. If adventure is the feeling of uncertainty and chosen discomfort, then home is the feeling of certainty and comfort. That feeling is a faint memory, but I remember liking it. Plus, I’ll get to see my dogs.

Today, I rode my bike to Venice and Santa Monica. It’s about 12 miles one way in traffic, but I love it. Mom, there is a wide bike lane, and I was wearing my helmet. I sat on the beach and wrote and thought. Beaches are good for that sort of thing.

I rode back, watched the end of the Celtics loss and went to an awesome improv show at UCB. They got their inspiration from interviewing someone from the audience and displaying their Facebook page.

I’ve got my photoshoot tomorrow for the project I mentioned the other day. I’m very excited, I’ll explain more about it tomorrow, but I talked to the wardrobe person, the makeup person, and the director today. The company is wanting to pitch a movie to studios of a remake of a comic book. To show that it can translate from comic book to live action they will take some promotional photos. I will be one of those guys. It is not a comedy and in fact kind of badass.

I get to be badass.

Oh yeah, and they’re providing me with an orange goatee.



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