Day 82. First Improv Show in Months

Saturday, May 15, 2011

My first improv class showcase show in seven years. The last time I did one was at Evangel University when I took the Skinny Improv class. Just like that class I didn’t think the show was going to go great, so I didn’t invite a lot of people.

But first, I had an audition in the morning. I hopped on my bike and headed up to it. They had given me “sides” the day before when they contacted me. It is a project for industrials for an Army base. In the first scene I played a husband, and in the second one, I thought I was supposed to read for the “tall lanky smart alec,” making comments when the sergeant was talking. In fact, I was supposed to be the sargent talking about the howitzers and stuff. They gave me a few extra minutes to practice in the hallway since I had prepared for the wrong role. I think I won’t be getting that role. I don’t think I can pull off Army sergeant very well. Drop and give me twenty…please.

My improv class was at UCB, and the others in my class did a great job of getting friends there as the place was almost packed, which helps so  much. Our teacher divided us up into two groups and my group went second during the show. We named ourselves the Ne’er Do Well Gang. While the first group was going, I was thinking, “I can’t wait to get up there, it is so fun up there.” The first group did great and the crowd was really into it. When our group went up there, I remembered, “Oh yeah, I’ve done hundreds of these before.” The show went really well. A girl in my class said her friends thought the awkward blonde guy was really good. I told this to Michelle and she said that indeed I can look awkward on stage. After the show, our class was really excited, so we all hung out for a lot of hours. I’m sad to see it done, there were cool people in the class. There are, I believe, 4 levels of classes at UCB, so I’m probably going to move on to Level 2 soon.

This makes me excited to come back and perform at the Skinny on May 27th, when I’m home. I can’t wait to come home.


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  1. Michelle

    I can’t wait for you to BE home…… 🙂

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