Day 83. Account Hacked!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Hotmail account got hacked yesterday. I was sitting on my bed/desk/kitchen table when my phone started buzzing like crazy with returned messages that I didn’t send. I quickly got on my account and changed my password, but it was too late, as everyone in my contacts got messages from “me.” Innocence has been lost.

I found this disappointing for two reasons:

1. I got that e-mail account when I was graduating college in 2000, set the password, and haven’t changed it since then. This month was the 11 year anniversary. That is a good password, people. I think the key is to base it on a bad ’90s movie and a number. I would divulge what it was, but I don’t remember what other websites I currently use the password for. This is how it works, isn’t it? That password I picked out at 21 will be in my memory bank until the day I die I believe.

2. I don’t feel that what “I” sent out on the e-mails was representative of my interests. Sure, they were very friendly, but not about things that I care about. Plus, the English was not very good.

Here is a sampling:

-“The best possible chance to finally kick the deadly habit for good.”

–This would be very nice of me, but I don’t actually have any secrets for how to get off your iPhone.

-“100% of good sex!.”

–I like the enthusiasm, and double punctuation, but I’m not sure it makes a bit of sense!.

-“Hi! This site helps me to rid of my problems!”

–Almost makes sense.

-“It seems unbelievable but these are 100 % harmless! No side effects and only 100% result!. ”

–I don’t think spam me knows what 100% means.

-“Feel yourself like a celebrity!”

–Sounds illegal

-“OMG! I have never had such a long sex!”


-“A simple mode to be sexy”

–What about mean and median? Why is spam me so obsessed with sex? I used to be so helpful, now I’m getting creepy.

-“It�s a brill site where you can buy everything you want!.”

–That’s more like it spam me. I think.

-“Want you to be the world champion in bed without any training?”

–Okay, that’s enough


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One response to “Day 83. Account Hacked!

  1. Andrew Deloss Eaton

    I once was hacked and stolen from myself as well. Apparently, I had my “wallett and all credit cards” stolen at “Park” in “London,United Kingdom”. This was over a year ago, and someone asked me about a month ago if it was true or not.

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