Day 84. Call Nic Cage, I Need to Pee

May 17, 2011

I got to hang out all day with two of my favorite people, the Swinks. The Swinks are not a singing group for children like it sounds, they are Joe and Jannah and they are visiting from Washington D.C. So, I met them at the Stephans’ apartment. The Stephans are not 19th century French mountain climbers as it sounds, they are Matt and Katie. The Swinks have gone on a little tour of California visiting friends.

We hung out in Pasadena look for bathrooms most of the day.

This is a pet peeve of mine. Why are public bathrooms in big cities so hard to come by? In a pedestrian oriented place it shouldn’t be so difficult. When you have to go it’s maddening. We walked for blocks until we came to the place that would surely have a bathroom, a Barnes and Noble. We did not to find a public bathroom, instead only a clue posted on the door. The sign said, “No Public Restroom. You have to go to the courtyard one block to the east.” We had no idea where this hidden courtyard was so we contacted Nicolas Cage to help us on the adventure. We eventually ended up finding the courtyard because we found a map on the back of the Pasadena certificate of incorporation.

It was a good night hanging out as it was Matt’s birthday (same as Susan Stevenson’s if you went to Hoover Elementary). He had a bunch of friends over and we barbecued. We mostly read from Damn You Autocorrect and laughed.

I’m at one of the points where this whole thing is wearing on me a bit. Maybe it’s because I’m coming home soon. As I think of home, I am reminded that I’m just kind of getting by out here in all kinds of different ways. I feel like I need to be hustling so much for everything, that I can’t wait to sit on my couch with my dogs and my wife, mostly my wife, and just relax.

With that said, it has been awesome to see the Swinks, not singing group for kids, the people.



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2 responses to “Day 84. Call Nic Cage, I Need to Pee

  1. Lisa VG

    I love the Swinks too, the people not the singing group!

  2. Is this the “slip Nic Cage’s name into a blog post inconspicuously” game I’ve been hearing so much about?

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