Day 87. New Website Called Speech Bubbly

Tomorrow I head home! I am 90% excited because I get to see Michelle, my dogs, my house, and my friends. 10% of me wants to stay here to be sure to have the time to try to get things done, because I obviously am not ‘there’ yet. Sometimes, I have a tough time when things are open ended.

One week from tomorrow (Friday) is The Mystery Hour for one night only. Be there!

I spent some time today looking up UCB Level 2 classes. I think I may take an intensive class so I can make my way through the classes faster. It would meet 4 days a week for two weeks, three hours a day. We’ll see.

I used to wonder what I would do with a lot of time to pursue all of my creative interests. The answer quite a bit (the answer is also that I would concentrate for 3 minute bursts in between consistent distractions).

I’ve begun another new website. It is based on a bit I used to do for the Mystery Hour. The website is called Speech Bubbly. It is located at

Have you ever looked at pictures of celebrities, or athletes, or politicians and wondered what was being said at the time the picture was being taken? Well, wonder no more. Myself and a team of contributors have cracked the code and can let you know exactly what was said in the moment, or moments before.

Check it out, look around, tell your friends.

If you think it’s funny, don’t be confused, I have contributors helping.

Today, I went to an above average looking Starbucks. I have unrealistic standards now of what patrons should look like.


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