Day 88. I’m Home!

Friday, May 20, 2011

I’m home! I made it!

Before I get to the mushy stuff, some thoughts on flying.

-Whether the announce it over the loudspeaker or not, I wasn’t going to accept luggage from a stranger and bring it on the plane. Who would do that? One, I’m already carrying way more than I would like. Two, I’ve got the two permissible carry on items, there is no way in hell that I’m going to pay to check a stranger’s suitcase.

-Why do people stand in line so tightly before they’ve started boarding? The same people that hurry on the planes are the ones who hurry off when the plane lands. You can’t have it both ways, people. Either you enjoy being on the plane, or you don’t. I don’t like you.

-I always feel a huge sense of relief when there is room in the overhead bins for my bag.

It is so great to see my wife and be home. There is something about being home, and seeing your wife. I was on the plane looking through old pictures and videos on my phone. A lot of them were from before I left, as I was leaving, and on my trek out to LA. I had the Avett Brothers playing in the background and I was realizing how far away from normal it is that I am in California while my wife, dogs, and house are in Springfield. I’ve quickly adapted, but it was strange to see the moments my life was splitting.

Michelle and I went immediately downtown and got something to eat. We ran into people that we know, which is something that I miss happening to me. We got home, and my dogs were happy to see me.

We were picking up a bit before bed and Michelle said, “Oh, I just remembered, I can’t put your socks in with my laundry.”

Somehow, this hit me as devastating. Yes, I’m at my house, but I’m also just visiting. It feels so strange. I think I’ll get past it as time goes by while I’m here, but I also don’t want to get past it. It’s hard when your dreams are a couple thousand miles away from your home.

For now, I’m home, and I will enjoy it.


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