Day 90. Joplin Tornado

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sometimes tragic things happen around you that make you cringe both in their tragedy, and in the extent to which you worry about small things in your life as if they were tragic. You end up feeling a mixture of compassion and embarrassment. 

I had a great day of napping and hanging out with friends today. I went on a bike ride and then came home to check the weather as it was looking bad outside. It turns out it was really bad nearby. Joplin, MO is about an hour away from Springfield and got devastated by a tornado. Most everyone has seen the footage, as it made national news. Tornado watches and warnings happen relatively frequently around here this time of year, and thankfully rarely land. When they do, you hope it is not in a populated area, when they do land in a populated area, you hope it was a small tornado.

This was a big one that landed in a population center.

If you would like to help and live locally or far away, I would suggest donating to Convoy of Hope, which is on the scene, and super efficient with their money.

Here is the Convoy of Hope website

If you live in the area and want to help, Community Blood Center of the Ozarks, my former employer, needs O- blood donations. O- is the universal blood donor, meaning O- donors’ blood can go to people with any blood type. A lot of O-donations were used in the immediate aftermath, as emergency rooms and ambulances keep them on hand for the times they need to transfuse, without knowing the patient’s blood type. CBCO supplies the blood to the hospitals in Joplin, including St. John’s Hospital, devastated in the tornado.

Here is CBCO’s website

A couple of videos highlighting the first person terror and the bird’s eye aftermath.

The enormity of devastation is sometimes paralyzing. The truth is, we can only help in such a small way compared to the overwhelming need. However, that is always good enough.


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