Day 91. Cheese Nips and Relationships

Monday, May 23, 2011

Mystery Hour is Friday night!

I’m eating again. Michelle wants to fatten me up while I’m home. As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t eat very much in LA. It’s difficult when I don’t have my own kitchen and don’t want to spend money on eating out. Instead, I don’t eat much and don’t exercise so as not to accelerate the certain weight loss. The mothers in my life don’t like this plan, and admittedly, it is a bad idea.

However, forced poverty is a great weight loss plan…if you want to lose weight. If you don’t, you just wait to eat until you come home.

Today, I had a big breakfast in a big cereal bowl, as well as some yogurt. Then I had a bagel with cream cheese. I also had some leftover spaghetti and then more cereal when I got home. Ooh, plus I had some fries. Oh yeah, then I had Cheese Nips, lots of Cheese Nips. This may be a controversial statement, but I think Cheese Nips are way better than Cheez Its, and not just because they use an appropriate “s” in the name, instead of the inappropriate “z.”

The strangest thing about being home is that I’m really in between worlds. I’m here, but not totally in my Springfield life like I used to be, at the same time, there would be very few people in LA that would notice if I up and left. In these times, I tend to hold on to constants and things that I know. Mostly, that is Michelle. She means the same to me whether in person or not. I can get by with the other uncertainty knowing that she is a certainty. She is my constant. She is Desmond.

That’s what it all comes down to, isn’t it? Relationships.

I have often had the thought, “What did people do for fun in the 1300s, or in a small village in Africa?” They had relationships, that’s the constant. Screw all this other stuff. I keep thinking about Joplin, and I think it applies there.

We need relationships

We need processed, cheese flavored Nips.

That sounded awful.

We need Cheese Nips is what I meant.


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One response to “Day 91. Cheese Nips and Relationships

  1. Michelle

    you are a strange and wonderful man, my love.

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