Day 92. Exhilaration Babies

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I can be idealistic and a little anti establishment, so I’ve never wanted to be what I’ve seen as a sell out. I used to think that people with money, who had nice, big houses with everything they need at their fingertips were sell outs. Who needs so much stuff, so close?

I’m not convinced all of those people are sell outs now.

The more I’m around people that have young kids, the more apparent it is to me that when you have young kids, you need things around you because you can’t go anywhere.

Today, I went up to Lawrence, KS to visit my sister and brother in law and their kiddos. I had yet to meet the newborn twins. Bob and Cari have Ella, who is about 18 months, and Cole and Oscar, born in April.

Here’s the play by play of my exciting day up there.

12:31. I arrive at their house. Bob and Ella are playing on the floor. Cole is asleep on the floor while Cari holds Oscar

12:33. I’m playing with Ella. She’s a laugher.

12:46. I shield my eyes as my sister begins breastfeeding Oscar. From now on, I only speak to her foggy reflection in the window.

1:34. Ella goes down for a nap.

1:48. With hands now free, Cari tries on clothes she has ordered from the internet. She can’t go out to stores anymore.

1:59. We decide it’s time to do something exciting. We move the conversation to the dining room!

2:13. I’m holding Oscar. Apparently, he both wants the pacifier, and wants it to be on the floor.

2:14. Cari determines that he’s hungry. I find interesting things to look at outside.

2:32. Field trip! We all make our way to the garage where Bob and Cari show me their 3 seated stroller.

2:36. We come back to the living room, exhausted from the field trip.

2:42. Bob brings one of the stroller seats in to the living room to clean it. Yesterday, Oscar peed on it.

2:43-2:59. Bob is looking up online how to properly clean urine from the stroller.

3:00. Bob is now on the phone explaining the situation to the company.

3:10. Cole is now hungry. Oh look, a squirrel!

3:32. I decide to make a journey to the bathroom. Not sure which is the adult toilet and which is Ella’s potty training toilet, I cross my fingers and go in the one with bright colors and a smiley face.

4:02. I’m holding Cole. He’s farting like he just consumed a canister of sugar free candy. It’s making my shirt, three layers down move in the wind. Seriously.

4:13. We are finally going somewhere outside the house for real. We get the kids together, head out the door, take a few steps and sit down in the backyard.

4:24. Bob is playing with configurations of a tarp, remembering back to the days when he camped.

4:42. Ella is picking cherries from a low hanging branch and delivering them to Cole. ‘Tis better to give than to receive as Cole doesn’t seem to know he’s getting a gift. I think it’s rude. Cari claims it’s because he can only see fuzzy images 8 inches from his face.

4:48-4:56. Every time Ella runs away from me toward the cherry tree, I try to hit her with a soft plastic ball. Cari laughs.

5:06. I leave. Some will say I left because I was throwing a ball at an 18 month old, others will say it is because feeding time came back around, yet others will say it is because I can’t handle the intensity of hanging with BOCCE (Bob, Oscar, Cari, Cole, Ella).


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