Day 94. Shaving Facial Hair vs. Conan

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Today, I shot a scene for my reel. As I’ve mentioned before, an actor’s reel is like a video resume. You want to have clips that showcase your abilities. I’m happy with mine, but I felt like it could really use something that looked really good that wasn’t too goofy, as a lot of my other stuff is. So, I enlisted the help of some friends.

Brandon, who is an awesome filmmaker. He supplied the camera and lighting.

Sarah, a great actor, who I was in the Skinny Improv with.

Lyle, my friend who owns a wine bar where we could shoot.

Tyler, he did sound.

It was really fun and I think we got some really good stuff. It is so great knowing talented people to just call up. I miss that in LA. The key is to make it look like it’s from a real movie with high production value. I think it will look like that. We played two people at a restaurant having a marital argument about whether the woman’s sister has a “mannish” nose. It turns out when I’m in an argument I get really bug eyed. We had to work past that. I asked Michelle when I came home and she confirmed this.

I’m very excited because Friday is my late night talk show. I haven’t done the show for a few months. I’m putting it on while I’m in town. If you want more info, click here.

I was watching Conan last week and noticed that they did a similar bit to one I did on my show last year. It involved shaving facial hair. Was Conan copying me? Probably.


Conan’s (it’s not letting me embed)

So, they win on production value.


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