Day 96. Cleaning out the Recycling Pile: “Why is Everything Wet?”

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Recycling is something that is important to Michelle and I. Every time we use something that needs to be recycled, we will take it into the garage and toss it towards the bins we have for recycling. We have tin, aluminum, plastic, paper, and cardboard. There is a bin for each in a row on the side of the garage.

When we start filling them up, they are perfectly organized. Soonafter, they become indiscriminate mounds. When that happens, we do the adult thing and just keep tossing more and more Yoplait containers, and Chunky soup cans, and Lean Pocket boxes into to one massive pile void of any organization as it spills towards the bikes on the other side of the garage.

We start thinking that it would be good to take the recycling to the recycling center. Then, for several weeks, we talk about how we need to take the recycling to the recycling center. Then, we plan a Saturday when we are going to take the recycling to the recycling center. Two weeks later we follow through.

Today was one of those days.

I had decided it was one of my tasks when I came home. I would be in charge of it. In reality, I eat most of the packaged foods in the household.

Here is a list of things overheard while cleaning out the recycling:

-“Why is everything so wet? It’s so wet!”

-“My old strawberry yogurt is now green.”

-“So this is where all the spiders in the world live.”

-“Why didn’t we do this earlier?”

-“This is a newspaper from the ’50s. How long have we even lived here?”

-“Seriously, where does all this moisture come from?”

-“If this is recycling, does that make throwing things away instead, cycling?”

-“How do you know if you have a mosquito bite or a spider bite?”

-“Al Gore had better damn well appreciate this.”

-“It’s oozing.”

-“It smells like someone killed a goat with an old summer sausage in here.”

-“It seems like the spiders are organizing on top of the cardboard to protest their oppression and I’m Hosni Mubarak.”

“-Your back seat got all wet.”

-“Why is everything so wet?”



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