Day 97. Two Worlds…One BBQ

Sunday, May 29, 2011

I will head back to Los Angeles tomorrow night. My feelings of being home have certainly transitioned. I mentioned that when I came home it was weird to be visiting my own house. In the span of a couple of days being home felt 100% normal. It was like I had never left at all. I hung out with the same people, drove down the same roads, and did improv shows. So, now it feels strange to be leaving.

It really is two separate worlds.

There is the world with comfort, and longtime friends, and a wife, and a home, and dogs.

The other is a world of hustling, and getting by, and striving.

I’ve been struck by how different the two are. On a positive note, however, I’ve also been struck by how awesome it is to vacation at home, when you aren’t routinely there. Think about it, vacation is this great getaway where you get to be away from the everyday stresses. Home, is where you feel most comfortable. I got to do both at the same time.

This evening we hosted a birthday BBQ for me. It’s like a perfect scenario for me because I got to have lots of different people over and we talked and played various yard games. That is my idea of a great time.

The coolest part was that at one time there were seven kids I got to play with. I love playing with kids, but it’s not acceptable for me to just go to a park and play with them, or to just invite them over to my house. It’s creepy. This scenario was normal and fun.

Tomorrow I will be off to the other world. I found out that my flight doesn’t leave until the evening, so I get a bonus day!



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2 responses to “Day 97. Two Worlds…One BBQ

  1. Derek

    I know that three of those kids and this one adult had a good time and enjoyed getting to hang out while you were in town. Can’t wait to see what happens next on your adventure.

  2. Shannon

    That goes for my family, too. Thanks for having us over. We miss seeing you as often as we used to.

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