Day 100! Analyzing the First 100

June 2, 2011

100 days in office! And by office, I mean an upstairs bedroom in West Hollywood. You know how when you’re doing something exciting it can go by really fast? So far, this has gone by really slow, and I mean that in a good way. I really feel like an infant who learns more in a day than adults learn in a year. I’m glad my trip home last week coincided about with the 100 day mark, because I feel that I’m beginning a new phase.

I feel like the first 100 days were Phase One. Phase One can be dubbed the,”What the Hell am I Doing Here? I Have no Idea What is Going on” phase. In phase one I learned a lot, and I now have a general understanding of how things work. Also, Michelle will be here for a lot of the next phase, so that is a huge bonus.

Now begins Phase Two, or as I like to call it, “Get a Job, you Damn Hippie” phase. That is my first priority. I need money. I feel that my time at my host family’s house is winding to an end, so I need some Benjamins. I would also be happy with a pile of Washingtons. I’m starting to refine things a bit, in terms of where to put my energies, and I’m beginning to figure out my role in this new world. I’ve learned that it’s hard to be a guy who kind of does a lot of things. You need to figure out one or two things that you are good at and go for those.

When the President is in office for 100 days, the politicos analyze what they have accomplished. However, I’m in Hollywood, so I would like to analyze my time through awards.

The winner of each award will receive a statuette of a man. Instead of being gold, he is formed of white cheddar Cheez Its on a foundation of Ramen.

Biggest Audition I Have Had

-Community. It was for a speaking role, under a stormtrooper mask, so I should have just told people I got it.

Best Friend

-This award goes to two people, Tom and Tom, better known as TomTom, my GPS. I could not get by without them.

Most Embarrassing Moment

-None. I’m trying to make it as an actor in Hollywood, a euphemism for embarrassment. I don’t notice it anymore.

Worst Job Applied For

-The guy who empties the change from parking meters. Worst part about that, I’m apparently not qualified enough.

Best Ongoing Struggle

-Edging out the struggle to secure enough nutrients to survive, is the struggle of uncertainty. I love adventures, but uncertainty is all wrapped up in it. A lot of this whole deal is learning to live with it.

Most Important Thing I’ve Learned

-I can hang talent wise. I’m not saying I’m that great, I’m saying the people trying to make it out here aren’t necessarily that amazing, they’re just the ones doing it. It takes patience. Take heart, people in smaller places, I don’t think you’re second rate.

Thing I Wish I Could Change

-Besides missing Michelle, I wish I could sleep. The constant sense of hustle that is required robs me of my mornings.

Actress in a Mini Series

-Claire Danes in Temple Grandin

Most Awkwardness

-My encounter with the Fancy Man who led the training session that I accidentally crashed, for the job I unknowingly didn’t have.

Food From My Stash Under My Bed

-Once, I had dried pineapples. I liked those a lot.

Best Support

-Michelle. We talk it all through, and if you’re married to me, you have to get used to talking things through. Oh look, a bunny.

Best Celebrity Sighting

-I’m going with Richard Alpert, yesterday. Well, he’s the guy who played Richard Alpert on LOST. He walked in front of me yesterday and he hadn’t aged at all. He was walking with a young Ben, or his son, I couldn’t quite tell.

Biggest Thrill

-Performing at the Comedy Store, the place is legendary. I’m doing it again on June 9th.

Best Starbucks

-The Beautiful Starbucks of course.

Biggest Taker of my Money

-The Beautiful Starbucks of course.

Worst Place for Self Esteem

-The Beautiful Starbucks of course.

Biggest Surprise

-That I have actually blogged everyday for 100 days. That is a miracle. I can’t think of anything, non bodily function related, that I have done that consistently. It really means a lot that a lot of people read and comment. It helps my sanity tremendously. You are my Houston while I’m in space. Luckily, Tom Hanks is not on this mission. That guy messes everything up. Hopefully,  I will not have to boomerang around the moon.



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7 responses to “Day 100! Analyzing the First 100

  1. Jeff, the thing you may not realize is that you are an inspiration to so many people. We hear all the time about someone who’s fresh out of high school or college who takes the steps to chase a dream but most of the time someone who gets into a job and routine doesn’t break from it to go after the brass ring. In doing that…whether you get that ring or not…a lot of us are looking at you and thinking “maybe I can finally do that thing I’ve wanted to do for years.”

    Keep it up man. I can’t wait to see the next 100 days.

  2. Maybe you should apply at “The Beautiful Starbucks” 🙂

  3. jenksie

    As one of the people in smaller places, I say thanks for being an inspiration, entertainment & most of all friend to us!! 100 blogging days = out of this world (not to mention all the stuff that is mentioned in those blog posts).
    Someday you will have a book. All you need to do is print all these out and staple them together. (That’s how Stephenie Meyer does it.) xoxo sj

  4. Frank

    I have read each blog post religiously. I don’t want to clutter up the comments section with the weird spit (see, I just went back and changed that one) that I say, etc. But this is the first thing I read in the morning. Thanks for documenting this adventure for us to follow, I feel like I have something invested in watching you succeed.


  5. Pilgrim

    Damn! I had 99 days in the office pool.

  6. KatieEE

    Temple Grandin was a made for TV movie, not a mini series. Sorry 😦

    Love reading your blog, btw!

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