Day 110. Audition Anywhere

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I had an audition today. It was in North Hollywood, so I got in my car and drove. As I got closer I realized two things. One, this is in kind of a sketchy area. Two, this audition is just in someone’s residence. The chances are 50/50 on whether I get murdered or not. 

As I walked up, I realized the other people that live in sketchy areas, poor filmmakers. I was auditioning for the role of Reynolds. I sat in front of five guys in their twenties. The guy in the middle asked me what my impression of Reynolds was from the script. I made up some stuff (I’ve been working on my BS skills). I did the scene once, then they asked me to do it again, this time more laid back. In my mind I turned a baseball cap around on my head and did the scene again. I don’t know if it came across that I was more laid back since they couldn’t see my made up baseball cap that time. Then, I shook their hands and left.

I’ve learned that I have no idea on how to accurately guess if it went well during an audition. We’ll see.

I left there and got my oil changed by the nicest guy ever. I went and saw the movie Super 8 with Ross tonight. I really liked it, it was like Goonies and ET met up on the Lost island.

Side note. On Tuesday, I saw Blackberry Winter, which is the band that was featured in the movie, Winter’s Bone. One of the band members came on The Mystery Hour a few weeks ago and comped me a ticket. They are on a national tour and they are wonderful. Bluegrass is alive and well in Los Angeles.

That is all.


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