Day 113. Don’t Sound Creepy

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Today was Day 6 of my improv class, only 2 more to go. It was a really good class. The new things are starting to sink in, making it more fun and relaxing. After class, my new friend, Lisa, who went through the pain and agony of the game show with me last week, Facebooked me to invite me to go to the open mic at The Improv. It’s a lottery system, meaning you put your name in a hat and they select a certain number. I was not picked, but Lisa was so I stayed for awhile.

I then went to the Beautiful Starbucks at night for a rare night time appearance. It’s more laid back at night, the beauty of the clientele, more subdued. My friend Elsie, who has a blogging empire suggested to me to get a hold of other people blogging about the same topic, so I’ve been contacting other bloggers, just to say, ‘hey.’ I’ve met so many people in such a variety of ways here, I’m learning about how to do it well, and how not to.

I’ve tried to be as non creepy as possible when I send the bloggers a message. It’s difficult. Here are some samples of what I’ve said.

-“I’ve been monitoring you from a distance. I would like to get to know you more intimately. Hi, I’m Jeff.”

-“You look really pretty in your pictures, like a doll. I have lots of dolls. Hi, I’m Jeff.”

-“You need to clean the mildew from your shower tiles. Just kidding, I haven’t been in your shower yet. Hi, I’m Jeff.”

-“I looked up your blog and found your name. Did you know you can find someone’s address just from their name? Then, you can see their place on Google Maps. That’s crazy, right? Who would do that? FYI, French doors are easier to break into. Hi, I’m Jeff.”

-“If I can’t have you, no one can. Hi, I’m Jeff.”

-“We should meet up in real life. You can’t tell on the computer, but people tell me I’m a heavy breather in person. I say it’s because I have asthma. I don’t have asthma. Hi, I’m Jeff.”

-“You follow the Anthony Weiner stuff? Why would he do that over Twitter? That’s dumb and disgusting. What is your e-mail address? Hi, I’m Jeff.”

I’m banking on my creepiness subsiding when Michelle arrives. 2 days!


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One response to “Day 113. Don’t Sound Creepy

  1. Shannon

    Yay to Michelle coming to save you! 🙂

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