Bonus Post! Craigslist: Wingwomen Wanted

Aaah, Craigslist, where legitimate items are for sale next to questionable, probably stolen items. Aaah, Craigslist, where legitimate job openings are posted next to job openings that may, or may not involve prostitution.

Craigslist is shady enough, but it is also a great place to look for jobs, as I spend much of my day doing. Ever since I learned that a “houseboy” job comes with expectations beyond free rent and help around the house, I’m very skeptical when it comes to job openings.

Below is my favorite one I have seen recently.


“I am an employer offering paid employment for the specific retail/wholesale position described below, which is a part-time position that will be four hours a week. There are no requirements for this job as far as gender, race, etc., and all applicants will be considered equally.

Wingwomen wanted! A wingwoman is a woman who goes into a social situation with the purpose of helping the guy or guys she is with meet women. This is actually an extremely easy and fun job, but many women find it so counter-intuitive that they simply cannot do it.

The role is a wingwoman is to:

-Relax, laugh, have a good time, and emanate a genuine, positive energy.
-Recognize that her presence alone and her silence are often all that are needed!
-Understand or be willing to learn the counter-intuitive principals of how men really attract women.

This is not about you expressing your opinion on relationships, dating, how you think dating should take place, or offering advice. What it is about is getting paid to have a great time doing the most fun, exciting, easy job you have ever done!

I am a classy professional who was part of a group in San Francisco that employed four part-time wingwomen. I have recently moved to LA, and am looking to hire two part-time wingwomen to join me at cocktail parties, nights out at the best lounges and clubs, charity events, and other Los Angeles happenings. My goal is to find a serious relationship with the right woman, and to have a lot of fun searching for her and meeting new people in the process.”

I feel hopeful that I (Jeff) could do this job because he says that there are no requirements for gender, even though it sounds like he really wants a woman. Who would make a better wingwoman than a married guy? I’m not competition, and I succeeded in dating once (got married). Why does he want two women? That would make him look super unavailable. I also feel like there might be prostitution involved in some way, so I’m a bit wary.

Anyway, this is what it is like sorting through job postings in LA.


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One response to “Bonus Post! Craigslist: Wingwomen Wanted

  1. Shannon

    Could be fun. 🙂

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