Day 116. It Takes Two

Friday, June 17, 2011

You know that feeling when you move away from your wife and you live in a room by yourself while you look for work and chase your dreams? Remember how exciting it is when she finally arrives for the summer, because she has summers off, because she is a school counselor at a junior high?

You can’t relate to that?

Well, let me tell you, it’s awesome.

I usually like to play things cool, and not get too high or too low, but I found myself getting really excited this week. Now, she is here! She helps bring my creative, nearly ADD, anxious mind some structure. I have all these things I need to catch up on, get a job, get writing things together, edit videos, etc, and I can already feel the relentless desire to accomplish those things yesterday wane. When you have an entire day to work with, and the next day looks the same, it is hard to give yourself made up deadlines.

With Michelle with me I can give myself real deadlines, so she doesn’t have to be at a Beautiful Starbucks the entirety of a day. Plus, I like to talk through everything, so it is so good to have her here. I can sort through the list in my mind.

Plus, I just really, really like her.

In fact, I may even love her. Don’t tell her though, we haven’t said it out loud yet. I haven’t found the right moment to bring it up.

I dressed up in a shirt and tie to pick her up at the airport to make it seem extra special, but, as I helped carry her luggage, I realized I just looked like her driver.

We got home and crashed pretty quickly. We were going to maybe go to a party, but that is a tall order when you’ve gotten in from a flight at 10 pm. We’ve started a list of things to be sure to get in while she’s here during this 6 week not quite vacationing, not quite residing, stint.

It’s just nice to have a striving partner, present with me.




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