Day 123. I Got a Sunburn For Your Birthday

Friday, June 24, 2011

From my childhood through today, there has always been one day every summer, early in the summer, that I forget and not wear sunscreen. After being outside for awhile I start to be able to feel my skin move on my face. I can feel the creases being made with different facial expressions. Then, the next morning I always waddle into the bathroom for the morning relieving, look in the mirror and think, “Dang it,”  and then waddle back to bed and fall asleep.

There are those that don’t really burn and wonder what a sunburn feels like. I will tell you, it feels like regret. All you had to do was simply and easily take 11 seconds to put a cream on your face. Not worth it.

Today, I got burnt. Michelle and I went to Malibu to El Matador beach. It was cool and cloudy for most of it, so I didn’t think about sunscreen, to the disapproval of my mother, I’m sure. I was wearing a hat, sunglasses, a hoodie, and shorts. So, I got the bottom part of my face burnt, I have a burn line a couple inches up my neck, and my shins are red. By the way, why do noses get more burnt than the skin surrounding them? Is it really because they’re like an inch closer to the sun? No way. By that reasoning, tall people would get burnt more. No way.

My burn was not the point of the day. The point of the day was that it was Michelle’s birthday. So, we went to Malibu to hang out on the beach, because she loves the beach and she can do whatever she wants on her birthday. We explored, napped, played catch with the frisbee, ate seafood, and sat looking at the waves. Perfect birthday for Michelle. For me, that would have only been a perfect birthday if there was more laser tag in that list.

We figured out that I have been around for 10 of her birthdays, more than a third of her life. Amazingly, we were able to recount all of them. The most infamous one was the first one when I got her a Detroit Lakes, MN t-shirt.

It was a white t-shirt.

That was too big.

I did not know her as well then.

For me, the ultimate gift is a one of a kind t-shirt, from a local store, that you wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else.

It was a bad gift.

She did not like it.

We had an argument.

Looking back, I think she was right.

Today was better.

Happy Birthday to my wife.


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One response to “Day 123. I Got a Sunburn For Your Birthday

  1. jenn

    i remember that t-shirt. yep.

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